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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Be Resourceful

Be Resourceful
"Almost everything comes from almost nothing."
- Henri-Frederic Amiel

Remember that! You can't just start at the top, you have to work your way from the bottom up!  Something I frequently forget.  I sometimes get impatient (or all the time) and want everything to happen at once, but alas that is not how life is!

I am sorry that i was not back last night to post!  We ended up staying out with Melinda till well after 9!  We had a wonderful day though out in the country.  We baked yummy scones (I have pictures and a Link to the recipe) and I learned to do this.
Yes that is me sitting still for more then 5 minutes!  I know me not moving is a miracle!  The thing i loved about being out in the country yesterday was the peacefulness of it all.  I told both my mom and Melinda that I felt so relaxed!  Being out in the country reminded me of being at my grandparents in Southern Illinois.  Where you wake up at the crack of dawn to sun streaming in, and the days are long and relaxing.  Yesterday was definitely a much needed stress relief.
I do not know why but I just love the way windmills look!  I had to snap two more pictures of them yesterday!  One against the bright blue sky of the day, while the other was on the drive home with the sun setting!

Yesterdays Scone Menu consisted of these flavors:
Cranberry Orange (Oh So Good)
Double Strawberry Basil (interesting combination)
Oatmeal Raison!

We used this recipe for the amazing Cranberry Orange scones!  These scones were by far my favorite.  The cranberries combined with the flavors of fresh orange were bright and vibrant, and complimented each other nicely.  The cranberries added a bit of a tart flavor while the orange offered up a subtle sweetness.  We glazed the cranberry orange scones with a orange glaze, and then served them up with a orange marmalade butter!  I was in heaven, just sitting relaxing with a cup of tea and a fresh hot scone!  Not a care in the world!  Here are a few pictures from our creative afternoon of scone making lessons!
 Cranberry Orange Scones Ready To Bake!
 Getting Glazed!
 Double Strawberry Basil Scones
 One Large Pile of Scones
 Toasted Oats for our Oatmeal and Raison Scones
Cut and Ready to Bake!

As soon as I get my hands on the other two recipes I will be sure to share them with you!
Well I am off to get a long to do list done!  However I have been up since 5 and already got my workout for the day done!  Thats one thing to check off the list!  I went to a boot camp type class with Katie and my mom this morning at 5:45 followed by my 5 mile 10k training run!  I am going to be sore tomorrow. But we have lots of prep work and cleaning to be done because my little sister comes home today!  

We are celebrating her 20th Birthday that was on Tuesday!  I cannot wait to see her!  We are preparing a special dinner for her, lots of grilling and fresh veggies.  I am sure I will be in charge of the Veggies!  Till tonight!  And remember as always to live Happily Ever Healthy!

PS 24 Days till I see Mark!  Wish him luck on his interview today!


  1. The greatest contentment always comes over me in the country! Also, you and your sissy are cute!


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