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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Settling into Home

Good Evening!  I hope you all had a splendid day!  I do not know if mine was necissarily splendid but I did get a lot done.  Remember that gym debate I was having earlier?  Well I went to both Work Out World and the YMCA to take tours of each facility.  And which gym am I going to join your wonder?  Drum roll please...
The membership is a bit more pricey then Work Out World but I was more comfortable with the facility (big selling point for me). I also loved that the YMCA had free Yoga and Pilates classes (added bonus)!  I have been wanting to get back into Yoga and Pilates forever, and what better time then right now!  I mean I have nothing but free time to kill.  Anyways thats that.  I also made a copy of my house key (I guess that is kind of important) applied for countless jobs, and did a bit of networking while I was at it.  Oh yea I even had time to start cleaning/unpacking and make an amazing dinner (well it was amazing in my eyes at least).  I will let you guys decide what you think of this dinner!

Dinner was fresh, and completely vegetarian!  I love dinners like this (I know I have mentioned that before)!  Anyways the star of tonights dinner was homemade falafel.  They were tasty, healthy and packed with tons of flavor!  I was a little nervous these baked chickpea patties would not turn out well since I have never made them before.  But I was pleasantly surprised! I got the chickpea patty/falafel recipe from a wonderful blog called Oh She Glows!  Seriously go check it out, click here!  Also while your there check out this, I have been drooling over the pictures!  Angela does all vegan cooking all her recipes look delicious, amazingly fresh, and she takes some amazing photos!  I followed her recipe for Crispy Chickpea Bites in the Oven to a tee!  And they were wonderful!  Here is a picture montage of the chickpea bites/falafel making process!
Combine Everything in a Bowl
Then Put Everything in a Food Processor (seriously getting one of these)
This is what the outcome should be after the food processor!
Finally form dough into 8 Patties! And Bake!!!
Angela suggested serving them on top a salad, or in a pita.  Well my parents did not have any pita, and we did not have the fixings for a salad so I was in a bit of a pickle.  So what did I serve with these wonderful patties I had made?  Well traditionally you serve tzatziki with falafel I had everything I needed to make a tzatziki but we needed something a bit more substantial to eat with our patties.  Light bulb on, and I thought up Tzatziki CousCous Salad! Don't think I have gone completely bonkers since moving back to Minnesota the salad was actually really good, and not overpowering in runny dressing!  Just the way I like a salad to be!  Are you ready to learn how to make this wonderful dish I am raving about?  Alright here it goes!

What you will need:
The Salad Makes 4-Cups (4 Servings)
3/4 Cup Dry CousCous
2 Small Cucumbers Chopped
1/4 Cup 0% Fage Greek Yogurt (or any greek yogurt of your choice!)
1/4 Cup Chopped Red Onion
Lemon Pepper 1 Teaspoon 
Garlic 1 Teaspoon 
Dill 1 Teaspoon

*Note You may need to add more seasoning throughout I however started with a teaspoon.

Here is what you do:
I made the couscous on the stove as the box directed.  While the couscous was sitting I got to work on the rest of the salad.  Side note the thing I love best about couscous, you add dry couscous to boiling water cover it and let the couscous sit for 7 minutes till the couscous is done!  Honestly couscous is one of the easiest things you can make.  Alright enough rambling about couscous!

I then chopped up both cucumbers, 
seasoned my cucumbers, 
added my greek yogurt, 
and stirred together!
Once the cucumbers, onion, spices, and yogurt were combined I dumped my nicely prepared couscous into the mix!  Stirred everything together and stuck that sucker in the fridge to cool and mingle!  
The results
AMAZING!!!  Like I said above this salad did not have a lot of runny dressing!  If you like your salads with a little more dressing just add some more yogurt!  This salad was fresh and I loved the lemon pepper which I threw into the mix last minute.  The hint of lemon really brightened up the salad.  In my eyes this is a perfect quick summer salad.  One I will be preparing more in the future, and couscous is great in hot weather because you do not have to stand over a hot stove!  See I told you couscous was great!
You cannot tell me dinner doesn't look good!
I thought it did! 
Anyways I am headed off to bed!  I am officially joining my gym tomorrow, and well of course applying for jobs!  See you all tomorrow!  And remember to live Happily Ever Healthy!


  1. Mmmmm I'm definitely going to try that dinner! I love Mediterranean food!

  2. P.S Check out this blog!

    i thought of you when I found it because of the name!

  3. Omg...That looks amazingggg!!! I need to try that!!


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