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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Something New, Something Old, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Good Afternoon!  It is wedding day here in Indiana!  I have a college friend who is getting married this afternoon!  I am super excited to get dressed up, and see some college friends I have not seen in a while!
I also can't wait to catch up on all your blogs to see what is going on in your lives!  I feel out of the loop!  But I am having a good time just spending time with Mark!
I wanted to share this with you!
This my friends is the most amazing french toast on the face of this Earth!  Creme Brulee French Toast from Zest!  Mark and I split this yesterday and then I had a huge bowl of "Beautiful Fruit" as Zest! calls it.  
I am going to miss going to Zest!  Mark and I both decided that anytime we are both back in Indy visiting we will have to go there!  I know I have said it before but I really miss all the little breakfast places in Indy!  This picture just makes me laugh!  We had to stop for geese when we were driving!
Well Mark and I are off to get lunch and then I have to start getting pretty for the wedding!!  I will hopefully take lots of pictures!
I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend, enjoy and remember to live Happily Ever Healthy!


  1. I just read your About section and love that you look at your blog as a creative outlet. I have a lot of negative influences in my life that tell me I'm wasting my time and they are a bad influence (obsessive, technology, etc). So it's hard to know what I truly believe or what's "imposed" on me.

    Good for you for keep it light and living happy! :)

  2. I think that you should def do what you enjoy! Be true to yourself. It has been very hard for be to decipher between what I want and what other people think I should be doing. I am still learning how to think for myself/do what I want! Do what makes you happy!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am off to check yours out! Have a fabulous rest of your weekend!!

  3. NOM NOM NOM Creme Brulee French Toast- im kind of speechless :)


  4. YUMMMMMM I can't describe to you how much I wish i was waking up to that French Toast tomorrow...

  5. I want to try and find a recipe to make this at home! I am very picky when it comes to french toast! This is hands down my absolute favorite breakfast treat!

  6. Mmmm looks SO delicious! Hope you had fun at the wedding, can't wait to see pictures!

  7. Oh my goodness that French toast looks fantastic!!! I love to take interesting ideas from restaurants and try to recreate at home, that would be a fun one to try!

  8. YUM!! That French toast looks divine!!


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