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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fiesta Spud

I was severally lacking on brain power tonight when it came to thinking of supper.  I was in one of those moods where I had no idea what I wanted for dinner, and my parents were not being much help either!  I kept looking up recipes, but nothing stood out.  Finally baked potatoes were decided on.   Baked potatoes are versatile and basically a blank canvas.  I love that you can give each person a baked potato and then give everyone free reign to do whatever they want with their potato!  While the potatoes were cooking a made a quick salad and cut up toppings for the spuds!  I dressed my spud up fiesta style with beans, black bean and corn salsa hot sauce and some onions!  There was also a bit of cheese!  Delicious.
I think I had a veggie overload at dinner, is that possible?
Now lets get onto talking about how I am going to waste more time on the internet!  I have been hearing so many of you talk about Pinterest that I decided to check it out today (I was getting sick of job applications, I would much rather look of recipes or things about fashion).  Any way I joined the site and have been pinning all afternoon (or looking over everyone else's)!  I have to be honest that I sometimes forget that I can just click "Pin It" and the image is then instantly pinned to one of my boards.  I have a feeling I will be pinning a lot of recipes through Pinterest, bye bye emailing myself!
Picture from 101Cookbooks!
I came across this recipe for Warm and Nutty Cinnamon Quinoa while on Pinterest today!   I thought this sounded like a fabulous alternative to oatmeal!  Recipe found here!
Check out and follow my boards here!  
And in other news I got an email today from Melissa the owner of  Melissa asked  if I would like to partake in her Blogger Discount Program.  She gave me 50% of 3 items in her online store (who could resist that), and I then I will review the merchandise I selected on Happily Ever Healthy!  I am really excited that she asked me to be apart of this.  I cannot wait for my items to come.  I picked out a pair of work out pants, 
a work out top 
and a super cute t-shirt!  
But I got the t-shirt in black, I know big surprise there!
You should go and check out her website, click here.  Everything she sells is Eco friendly and good for the environment.  She even has a blog!    Thanks again Melissa for asking me to be apart of this!

Well I am off to relax, I am getting up super early for a power class (and when I say super early class is at 5:30AM).  Then it is off to the twin cities for shopping, I need wedding shoes and I am hoping to find a great dress for the wedding (the one Mark is in)!  I am also really excited for tomorrows blog post, I think you guys are really going to like it!

Have a wonderful evening and remember to live Happily Ever Healthy
Ps What do you think of the new design?


  1. I love the new design! It's so you!! I haven't heard of Pinterest yet! I think I need to go check it out! Have fun shopping tomorrow!


  2. Love the new design! And I loveee baked potatoes.. they're delicious no matter what season. And isn't pinterest so addicting??

  3. If I was going to overdose and die on anything...I would want it to be vegetables. So no, I don't think you can overdo it. :)

    Love the workout outfit. I need to go shopping for some new stuff, and I'll take this post as permission to do so! hehe.

  4. Pinterest is totally addicting right?? I can spend hours on it!

  5. I can already see it, I am going to be non pinterest for hours!

    Ashley: Thanks for stopping by and I agree I love a good veggie overload!

    Hannah: Happy Shopping!

  6. Such a unique take on the baked potato, I always love having a lot of topping options


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