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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fitness and Travel

Well I am looking at my calendar, and the weeks of travel drastically out number the days I am going to be home!  I don't think I have traveled this much in a while.  Since I am going to be on the road, or in the air a lot I decided to dedicate todays post on staying fit while you travel!
If you are a runner (my favorite form of cardio)  Look up trails in the area you are traveling, or plan a running route.  I have several different running routes I take when I am in Dayton at Marks house, and the lodge we are staying up North has a great bike path right out side of our cottage!  Cardio Check!  

Here are my stay fit tricks for while I travel!
1-Pack your gear.  I always bring my Nike+, Running Shoes, and exercise cloths!
2-Pack Healthy Snacks. Packing healthy snacks for flights, train rides, and road trips not only saves money but lets you control what goes into your mouth!
Some of my favorite snacks for the road are apples (and peanut butter) veggies, if I take the train PB sandwiches are always a go, granola bars, trail mix and yogurt!
(Picture from fANNEtastic Food)
3-Be inventive.  Sometimes I do not have access to a fitness center when I travel.  So for strength training I do lots of push ups, and I bring a pack of resistance bands!  I will also map out runs on local streets or bike paths!
Check out the resistance band work outs here.
4-Relax a bit, after all you are on vacation!

Check out these sites for more tips!
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I hope you find this helpful!  
As always remember to live Happily Ever Healthy


  1. I want to be eating that entire stash of snacks!!

  2. I just love those Asics sneakers :) I have a similar pair - they are not only comfortable, but look great too :)

  3. Asics are my all time favorite running shoe! I don't think I could ever wear another running shoe after switching to asics! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. great tips hilliary! you definitely have to keep up with exercise when you are traveling extensively. travel safe wherever you go. one of my favorite things to do is run in a new city, to find a trail it is a great and free way to get a taste of the place you are visiting

  5. That is so true, I cannot wait to run the trails up north! I hope at some point the trail goes by the lake! I have a feeling it will be a beautiful trail to run!

  6. this is such an awesome post, I travel all the time! and it reminds me that i should probably get new shoes. ha. have a great day!


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