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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Plummer House and Festivities Recap

Yesterday before going out to celebrate my parents 31st wedding anniversary Mark and I did a little tour of Rochester.  Rochester has three huge mansions, two were home of the Mayo Brothers (I talked about Will Mayo's house in this post) and one was Dr. Plummer's.  The Plummer house is one of my favorite houses. Not only is the house beautiful, but the gardens are sprawling and studded with beautiful flowers and fountains! I held my Graduation (from high school) open house there and even took some of my senior pictures there.  Dr Plummer was not only a wonderful doctor but helped the clinic in many ways, he came up with a correspondence system that was used throughout the Clinic, and was the first doctor to understand and operate the X-Ray machine.  Here are a few pictures from our adventure!
 The tower in the side garden
 Front door to the house!
 I love these fountains!
 King of the Rock!
We spent the rest of our day relaxing and gearing up for the celebration!  Lets transition into talking about the fabulous dinner we had last night!
We had a little pre-dinner photo shoot!
 31 Years and Still Happy and in Love!
 Happy Family!
My Cap-e-tiller and I!  I love this picture!
I have to say my parents and I were a little skeptical on going to The Restaurant.  My mom was worried The Restaurant wouldn't live up to here memories of the Chardonnay, which holds lots of memories for both my parents.  However I think our whole group was pleasantly surprised and happy with everything put in front of us last night!  I was happy when I heard the specials that were featured last night, I was sold when I saw a plate of huge scallops atop risotto being brought out to a table next to us!  I may or may not have squealed with excitement!  We started our evening off with a fabulous bottle of wine.  The wine was called Morse Code and was a Shiraz.  We brought the bottle home because the label had the Shiraz typed out in Morse Code!  Yes I love a good wine label.  
For an appetizer we all agreed that the bruchetta sounded amazing, and the presentation of the appetizer was something I had never seen before.

The Tomatoes had been spritzed with a bit of lemon juice, which gave the burchetta a clean fresh taste.  The table agreed the dish was fabulous. I thought some garlic infused olive oil would have been a nice addition!  After salads were consumed our entrees arrived.  I was shocked at how tender and big the scallops looked.
And they tasted out of this world.  The scallops were served atop a goat cheese risotto.  My mom (who ordered the same thing) and I both agreed that the goat cheese was a little overwhelming when you ate the risotto alone.  However when you combined the risotto with the scallops or green beans the goat cheese was just enough.  The gentlemen enjoyed nice cuts of meat, beef wellington for my dad, and a peppercorn steak for Mark!
Get this The Restaurant had 8 desserts that we had to try and decide from last night!  8 and they all sounded out of this world.  I had no idea how I was going to choose, but my strong love for chocolate pushed me in the direction of a Chocolate Torte!  The Chocolate Torte was dense and rich, and I enjoyed ever last bite.  

I also stole a few bites of my dads cheesecake that was drizzled in a strawberry puree (and had one of the thickest crusts, my favorite) and Marks Lemon Tart!  Both were equally delicious!
Needless to say we all left very satisfied, and we all had a wonderful time celebrating my parents anniversary!
Champagne Toast!
As we were leaving my dad noticed vines growing on the porch, and after inspecting them we noticed grapes growing!  Naturally I had to take a picture!

I am now off to enjoy a lazy rainy day!  Mark and I were supposed to make chicken burrito bowls tonight, but this gloomy day is putting me in the mood for soup!
Have a fabulous day and remember to live Happily Ever Healthy!


  1. omg those photos of gorgeous!! It ended and I just wanted to see more!! hehe

  2. yummy! love the dress you are wearing and what a wonderful way to celebrate with your parents!

  3. Oooooo your scallops look amazing! I love love love goat cheese, so I would have LOVED that dish! Mmmm...can you tell I'm really hungry right now? LOL


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