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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Recap of the North Shore!

I am back!  I think it is safe to say my family had a fabulous time up on the North Shore.  I forgot how absolutly breathtaking the scenery is up there.  I had not been to the North Shore since I was in middle school, needless to say I think I have a new appreciation for the serenity of the lake.  I enjoyed beautiful scenery on long morning runs, and a scenic view of the lake while I ate my breakfast.  In the afternoons my family and I went on excursions such as hiking at Gooseberry Falls, and exploring the historic Split Rock Light House.  It felt great to be able to unwind a little and allow my mind to relax (and that doesn't happen very often)!  Here is a smattering of pictures that were taken on the trip on the North Shore!  Let me tell you there were a lot, my sister loves a good photo op!
Our first day we stopped in Duluth for the day, here are a few pictures of the lift bridge.


The view from our cottage porch!
 Love the couch!
Cove by the lodge, nature walks out to the point at the cove was always a great adventure when younger!
 Photo Opt!

What I spent my morning looking at, no better way to eat breakfast then by a lake!

 Gooseberry Falls!

 4 Generations!
Sis Grandma and I!
The stairs we hiked to the lake at gooseberry falls!

 Always A Delta!
 The Wolfe Girls!
 Mama and I!
Testing the Water
Photo Opt with Grandpa!
Brave enough to put our feet in.

 The most photographed light house!  Split Rock Light House!

Hi from Minnesota!
The most fabulous Hummus Sandwich!
I hope you enjoyed all the pictures!  I have a wonderful Kale recipe to share with you!  More to come!
As always remember to live Happily Ever Healthy!


  1. What beautiful pictures.. this place looks AMAZING.. so serene and beautiful. I'm glad you had a great time! :)

  2. You took great pictures!!!! It looks gorgeous, I especially loved the light house pictures, those are definite framers!!!

  3. Love the views of the lighthouse. So pretty! Looks like you had a great time. And you even saw a deer! That's special.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Hi Hillary! Found your blog today! Great fun to see all the photos! Looking forward to reading more from your blog! - Megan @ Foodalution

  5. Thanks for stopping by Megan! I am going to head over and check out your website!!


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