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Friday, September 23, 2011

Just A Soup Kinda Day

Alright before I start talking all about soup I have a bit of a side note.  I was going through my moms cookbook cabinet last night (just for something to do) and stumbled across these, 
These are my very first cookbooks!  Did anyone else have these American Girl Doll Cookbooks or have a slight obsession with the dolls as a little girl?  I had to laugh as I flipped through the pages of the cookbooks.  I can still remember all the recipes that my sister and I used to make when we were little.  Who would have thought I would eventually learn and love to cook!

Just a little childhood memory I felt I had to share with you all!  Just like I feel I have to share these soup recipes with you!  While yesterday was sunny it was still pretty chilly, and nothing sounded better then big bowls of soup.  Soup for lunch and soup for dinner!  I have been flashing this photo
pretty much all week, and guess what I made it yesterday for dinner!  Five and a half hours in the crock pot, the kitchen smelled amazing.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and let me say I thought the soup tasted just as good as the picture looked!  But before I talk about the Crock Posole I want to discuss pumpkin soup.  Since we are in the lovely season of fall it seems pumpkin recipes spring up everywhere.  From pumpkin bread, to pumpkin cupcakes, soups and even oatmeal.  Till yesterday I had never made a pumpkin soup. But as a bowl of leftover pumpkin stared me down from the fridge yesterday I thought to myself why not give this pumpkin soup a try!

Here is my quick quick recipe!
Black Bean and Pumpkin Soup for One!
1 Large Bowl of Soup

1/2 Cup canned Pumpkin 
1/2 Cup Black Beans 
1 Cup chicken Broth 
Garlic, Pepper, Cayenne, and Cinnamon to Taste

Here is what you do:
Throw all the ingredients into a small sauce pan and cook until heated through!
See I told you it was simple!
Pour in your favorite soup bowl and enjoy!
Here are a few more recipes I would like to try out!
Black Bean Pumpkin Soup - I would leave out the Ham and add more beans thats just me!

Now on to soup #2

If you love the way cooking in a crock pot makes your house smell, I think you will love this recipe.  This soup was a hit with my parents, kinda like a chicken tortilla soup.  My dad thought the soup would be amazing with guacamole on top, and maybe some tortilla strips.  I served the soup last night with warm cornbread, yum!

Here is what you need:
2-14.5 Ounce Cans Golden Hominy Drained 
2-14.5 Ounce Cans Chicken Broth 
1-14.5 Ounce Can Diced Tomatoes Undrained ( I used Fire Roasted)
1-4 Ounce Can Green Chilies 
1 Pound Chicken cut int 1 inch cubes 
1 Medium Onion Chopped 
2 Cloves Garlic
Fresh Cilantro 
Fresh Oregano

Here is what you do:
Chop your onion, Mince your Garlic, and cut your chicken into cubes.
Now Place everything into your crock pot.
You can either cook the soup on low for 5.5-6 Hours 
on high for 2.5 Hours
I decided I would cook mine for 5-6 hours on low.

My anticipation grew as the kitchen was filled with the wonderful smell of spices!
The finished  product!
This makes a huge batch of soup, 8-10 servings!  You will have lots of left overs, I plan on eating this for lunch today.  I think adding some fresh lime juice would be a nice touch before you serve the soup!  
I hope you enjoy, and remember to live Happily Ever Healthy!

What is your favorite thing to eat on a cold day?


  1. Pumpkin soup looks really great!

    And I never had those dolls. Always wanted them though. :/

  2. hahahah that is so funny you found those. I didn't have the cookbooks but I was also obsessed with the American Girls. I had Kirsten and my sister had Samantha.

  3. I loved the American Girl Dolls. In fact, I still have mine at my house (yep and I'm 26)!

  4. YUMM!!! You got my stomach grouling!! heheh I'm so trying this! Thanks for the great recipe :)

  5. oh my gosh i totally remember the american girls i never had one but definitely read them. i didn't know they had cookbooks, have fun! thanks for sharing this recipe hilliary i will have to make it!

  6. OMG I LOVED AMERICAN GIRL DOLLS! I loved seeing these.

    I left you an award on my blog! :)

  7. Oh my gosh, I was OBSESSED with American girl dolls back in the day. I had Felicity, love her. Those soups look amazing

  8. I've never put pumpkin in savory dishes. Call me crazy! But your soup looks really good and easy. I'll definitely have to give it a shot :)

  9. I've never put pumpkin in savory dishes. Call me crazy! But your soup looks really good and easy. I'll definitely have to give it a shot :)

  10. I totally forgot about those books!! I had the Samantha doll and growing up and took her everywhere with me!

  11. Oh my goodness I have those books! Might have to fetch them from my mum lol.


  12. That pumpkin soup sounds delicious!


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