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Monday, November 28, 2011

Me from A-Z

I have seen this done on so many blogs and loved the idea! Most recently I saw it over at Emily's blog All You Need Is Love!  I figured it would be a fun post for this Tuesday morning, so here it goes everything about me from A-Z!  Enjoy!

A: Age: 25 Wow!
B: Bed Size: Full but I would love a King size just for me because I love to sleep smack dab in the middle! I love lots of fluffy pillows too!
C: Chore you hate doing: vacuuming

D: Dogs my family has two Prince a little black shih tzu and Baxter a golden retriever who thinks he is a lap dog!
E: Essential Start to Your Day: Oatmeal with of course a huge glob of Peanut Butter in it, and coffee!

F: Favorite Color pink but I never wear the color, and orange!  If we are talking favorite color for clothing its hands down neutrals!

G: Gold or Silver it depends.  But I love mixing gold and silver pieces.  I mean come on David Yurman does it!

H: 5'3" and 1/4 (I so wish I was taller, my younger sister is 5'8")
I: Instruments you play: I played violin for 10 years, and then started playing the piano.  I still sit down and play the piano from time to time.  It is one of the things I do to relax!

J: Job Title-well currently I am a financial representative at the Mayo Clinic-I am still trying to relocate to Columbus Ohio.

K: Kids, love them.  I used to work for the YMCA of Indianapolis running my own before and after school program!  It was a blast but a lot of work!

L: Live-Currently Rochester Minnesota, but hoping to relocate soon to Columbus Ohio!
M: Mothers Name Lou Ellen, or Madre, or Momma Wolfe
N: Nick Names, Hills, Squilly, Stump, H Dog, H Wolfe Hill Billy, HeeHaw, capetillar- thats Marks 
O: Overnight hospital stays: once it was not a fun one.

P: Pet Peeves when people break plans at the last second, and people who chew really really loud.

Q: Quote from a movie:
Agnes: Aw. My Caterpillar never turned into a Butterfly!
Edith: That's a Cheeto.
Agnes:  oh!  (then eats it)

"Love can't always be perfect Love is just love"
-The Wedding Planner

R: Right or left handed: right but I always tried to write with my left!  

S: Siblings I just have one younger sister Miranda.  She is a junior in college at Creighton University!
T: Time it takes you to get ready, well that all depends on where I am going!  If I am getting ready for work about an hour (thats including breakfast) if its a special occasion well heck it could take hours!

U: Underwear all you need to know is I love Victoria Secret, and Nordstroms.

V: Vegetables you hate, well I can't say I really hate any vegetables.  I pretty much love them all, give me sometime I am sure I could think of one I dislike!

W: What makes you run late:  Thats an easy one my outfit!  Getting ready to go out in college I would try on 6 different outfits and always end up wearing the first one out!

X: X-Rays you have had well I have had full body x-rays after finding a bone tumor in my hand.  I have also had a MRI of my left foot.

Y: Yummy food you make.  Banana pancakes!!!  Oh and Texas Sheet Cake (hello chocolate)!
But my mom makes the best Strawberry Dumplings and I seriously need to learn to make them!
Z: zoo animals I love the otters and the seals!  They were always my favorite!

Have a fabulous day everyone!!


  1. adore this post. The Wedding Planner is one of my favorite movies. thanks for sharing, love. xo

  2. 5'3? You're so petite and cute! I'm 5'6 and wish I were shorter! & the picture of Baxter made me smile! I have one of Marlie similar to that!

  3. very cute post!!! love zoo animals too!

  4. strawberry dumplings? I am curious about those!

    I did this a week or two ago as well, but I love how you used pictures!

  5. This is a cute idea, I may have to do one too. Thanks for the follow :)


  6. I love this! I am thinking that I am going to do one of these soon. I love Dispicable Me, too!

  7. So jealous you play the violin! I always wanted to learn. I also took piano but never stuck with it. :(

    I LOVE texas sheet cake....can you do a giveaway with one. ;)

  8. Very fun and insightful post! We're the same age! xo style, she wrote

  9. Super cute idea! Fun pics too :)

  10. Cute post girly! I always love doing fun ones like this. Thank you so much for being such a devoted follower to my blog, sometimes I feel like I am talking to an empty room. Much appreciated :):) :)

  11. I hate vacuuming, too! It's the worst isn't it?

  12. Love getting to know you better...and don't feel too short. I'm 5'0. Sigh...

  13. otters are so so cute!!! and strawberry dumplings...YUM!!!!!!

  14. What an amazing post! Love it! I must do it sometime!

    xx Ivana

    Stop by sometimes :)
    Style in the City

  15. LOVE the picture of your dog!! :) and the cute seals :) xx


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