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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

25 Things

Since I turned 25 yesterday I thought it would be fun to share a list of 25 things.  These are 25 things I have learned throughout the years, things I love and a few things I am thankful for!  I hope you enjoy!

1. In 25 Years of living I have learned to never take 'No' as an answer.  At a young age (5 to be exact) I had no problem say what I was and wasn't going to do with my life.  My parents love to tell me the "College" story.  Touring the University of Minnesota at age 5 with my parents I declared I wanted to go to the U of M.  My dad stated he thought it was to big and would be happier if his little girl went to a smaller school.  I turned to him and declared that if I wanted to go to the U of M I would, and that no one could tell me what to do.  Im strong willed I guess. 
Oh Yea I didn't even apply to the U of M when the time came, and I did go to a much much smaller school!  Yea Butler!
2.  I have learned that people come in and out of your life.  But your family will always be there for you.  
What can I say we are a pretty goofy bunch!

3. I have learned that life is tough, and sometimes doesn't turn out the way you wanted it to.  However I am thankful for the path my life has taken, I have had many wonderful experiences in my 25 years.  

4. I am thankful for a very very strong support system.  I have a caring and loving family, a wonderful boyfriend and best friends who sometimes know exactly what I am thinking before I say them.  
5. I have learned that it is ok to cry.

6. I have learned that I have a passion for cooking, and enjoy making a ridiculous mess in the kitchen.  Somethings never change!  
7. In 25 years I have learned that sometimes there is no place like home.  And no matter how far you travel you can always go home.
8. I have found that putting your whole heart into something can end up hurting you.  But I fully believe in loving to the fullest, you can never be to passionate.
9. I have learned the hard way that computers can't swim! I am on my third lap top!
10. It is never to late to try something new, and completely fall in love with it!  Mark introduced me to wake boarding and I love it!  I absolutely love being on a lake!
11. I have learned that I love running!  (never thought that would happen)!
12. My parents have taught me the greatest lesson, always do the best you possibly can.  That was their motto for my sister and I growing up.
13. I have learned there is nothing wrong with a little me time.  Sometimes you just need a night to yourself, where you can do whatever you want!

14. I have learned it is ok to ask for help.  
15. I have learned that a good pee your pants laugh can be some of the best medication in the world.  I love sitting around reminiscing with old friends, especially when the night ends with belly aching laughs!

16.  It is never to late to reinvent yourself.

17. I have learned there is nothing like loving completely and getting that love back in return.

18. I have learned/or am learning that sometimes you just have to go with the flow

19.  I have learned it is ok to make a fool out of yourself, and you should never take yourself to seriously!
20.  I have learned that things don't usually happen right when we want them to happen.

21.  I believe and have learned that everything happens for a reason, and sometimes we don't know what that reason is for a long time.

22. I have learned that shopping or window shopping can be a great cure for a bad mood.  And when you get to tired to walk anymore just sit down and try on shoes!

23.  I am thankful for for another year, another year to live with more adventures to come!

24. I have learned that you have to believe in yourself, and sometimes take a leap of faith.

25. And last but certainly not least, in 25 years I have learned to be true to myself!

Hope you enjoyed this!  Have a fabulous rest of your day and remember to live Happily Ever Healthy!