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Monday, December 5, 2011

Little Weekend Update-Let it Snow

Is it just me or did this weekend seem to fly by?  I feel like I blinked and it was over!
Did you all have a wonderful weekend?  I hope you did!

My weekend was filled with relaxing, shopping some decorating (Christmas treas and garland are up) and this...

Minnesota got their first big snow fall of the year.  And I have to say that now it just feels like the Holidays!  The snow has blanketed everything!  And even though it is cold, at least it is pretty!

Saturday was a bit of an adventure, I guess you could call it that.  My mom, Melinda and I ventured out to shop Grand Ave. in St Paul.

Grand Ave. is made up of quaint little shops, and a few big staples like JCrew, and North Face (just to name a few) and many fabulous restaurants.  Add fresh falling snow, a glorious piece of cake, great company, shopping, Christmas spirit, and well that just sounds like the perfect day to me!

I was really excited when I found the perfect gifts for Mark and my dad!  But you w ill just have to wait and see what I got them (since they both read the blog)!

So for now lets talk this glorious piece of cake!
The three of us enjoyed a late lunch at one of my favorite little cafes on Grand Avenue called Cafe Latte
They have some of the best soups I have ever had, and desserts that are to die for!  A favorite of my family (my sister had this cake recreated for her graduation open house)  is Cafe Lattes Raspberry Tort!
Layers of sponge cake, with raspberry jelly, buttercream frosting, and whip cream!  Does it get any better then that?  Well maybe when you look at Cafe Lattes Turtle cake, 
but in my mind both are equally out of this world good!
And if you are wondering you can find the recipe for Cafe Lattes famous Turtle Cake here!

So now that I have probably made you drool on your computer I suggest that we all take the day off, enjoy a warm cup of coffee, and make this drool worthy cake!

Enjoy your Monday Everyone!