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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Yes We Are Crazy

Grilling... in December... In Minnesota!
Yes I told you we are going crazy.  I called my dad yesterday while at work to ask about a Christmas present, and was presented with the question on if I would want to grill for dinner!  Yes my friends I realize it is the middle of winter (or at least it is supposed to be) and yes I realize I have already talked about temps that have gone down into the teens!  But for some very odd reason Minnesota has hit a sort of warm spell, and by warm spell I mean it is 37 degrees!   I know I know 37 degrees doesn't seem that warm, but compared to 10 degrees that is a wonderful and much appreciated heat wave!

Don't get me wrong I would much rather have this type of heat wave...

But I am not complaining, I will take whatever I can get right now!
So yes while you are contemplating the sanity of my family up here in Minnesota let me share some lovely pictures of our dinner.  Yes that would be the dinner my father grilled outside, in December, in what is supposed to be a SNOWY and COLD!

 We had a bit of rain, but that didn't stop my dad from firing up the grill!
He was busy grilling up some yummy tomato basil chicken!
Grilled Mushrooms, hands down my favorite!
 Nothing like a grilled meal in the middle of winter!
Want a great quinoa recipe, check this one out!  I loosely followed this recipe from Liv Life for her Mushroom and Broccoli Quisotto!  It was a delicious, had the flavor of risotto, but the texture I love about quinoa!

Has your family ever gone to extremes to make a great meal?  Say grilling in the rain?
Just 2 short days till the weekend!