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Thursday, December 29, 2011

A New Year Around the Corner-Top 5 Recipes from 2011

Wow, it is Thursday already, and the new year is right around the corner!  Where did 2011 go?  When I look back at 2011 there are several big moments that stick out to me.  But you will have to wait and read about those BIG moments tomorrow, because today I am sharing my top 5 all time favorite recipes (cooking moments) from 2011!  After all Happily Ever Healthy did start out as a cooking blog!

I have to say I kinda enjoyed looking through some of the older cooking posts.  I am happy with where my blog has gone, lets just say the blog has improved a bit with time!  But as promised here are my top 5 recipes (in nor particular order) from 2011!

Lets start with breakfast.  A meal I use to detest but now wouldn't dream of missing!
1. Oatmeal Pancakes!
Delicious any time of the day, and even better when you add banana!
If you like a pumpkin version check out Pumpkin Oatmeal Pancakes
2. Pumpkin Coffee Cake
A little experiment that turned out fabulous!
Perfect for any festive brunch, or when you want something sweet!

3. BBQ Chicken Burrito Bowls (Remade)
One of Marks All time Favorites... along with
Stir Fry!

4. What is a year without a little chocolate!
My Mom's Chocolate Sheet Cake!

5. And last but not least... my Tzaziki CousCous Salad!
The remake, with so much more flavor.  This was the first recipe to be featured on a website!

Well there you have it... my top 5 recipes from 2011!
Have you ever gone back and looked at where your blog started?