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Saturday, January 7, 2012

11 Things

The Lovely Mandy of Orange Autumn  tagged me the other day in her post 11 things about me!  These posts are so much fun to do, and I am so happy she picked me to be apart of the 11 things about me!  

So what are the rules...
1-Each Person must post 11 things about them on their blog. 
2-Answer the questions the tagger set up for you and come up with 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer!
3-Choose the 11 people you are going to tag, and tag them on this post 
4-And finally make sure you let them know you tagged them!
Have fun!

No tag backs!

Here are 11 things about me!

1- I danced ballet for about 20 years of my life.  I loved it, and even drove an hour and a half to the Twin Cities to take ballet class.  Sadly I have an odd injury (will have to talk more about this later) that made it hard for me to continue to dance, and I just lost the drive to continue.  That being said I still love ballet and have been thinking of going back and taking a class! Yikes!
2- Mark and I have been dating for almost 2 years!  We both went to Butler University and met my freshman year of college.  However we didn't start dating till after I graduated! 
3- Going along with Mark and I our first date was at Starbucks on Valentines day.   We spent 7+ hours there!
4- Beauty and the Beast might possibly be my favorite Disney Movie.  I am just a bit excited for it to come out in 3D!  Anyone else love that movie?
5- I am scared of spiders and always over exaggerate the size of them!  I will always scream and either make my dad or Mark kill them.
6- I have been on 5 mission trips with the Butler Intercollegiate YMCA.  These mission trips took me to the beautiful country of Jamaica.  I love it there, and the memories of my service will last me a life time!

7- My first year out of college was spent serving the inner city youth of Indianapolis as an AmeriCorps Member.  For those of you who have never heard of AmeriCorps it is similar to the PeaceCorps only you serve a one year term here in the states.  AmeriCorps was a rewarding experience that taught me a lot!

8- I am ready to be on my own again.  I love being home in Minnesota with my family (great way to save money while I am working).  But I am ready to have my own place in a bigger city, I just want to decorate!
9- I wish that I was more crafty!  Sometimes my craft projects turn out looking like a two year old did them!
10- I would rather take goofy pictures then be serious!
Exhibit A:
11- I sometimes would rather stay at home in my PJ's then get dressed up and go out!

And here are the questions Mandy Asked me to answer!
1-What would you do if you had all the time and money in the World?
 I would pay back all my students loans, and then spend the rest of my life doing mission work (like in Jamaica) and traveling the World!
2-What do you do to relax?
Go for a long run
3-If you could change one thing about your skin or health, what would it be?
I mentioned my dance injury above.  My injury is not dance related at all, I was born with a tumor in the bottom of my left foot.  It is called a hemangioma, and caused severe pain when I danced, especially point.  They found the tumor my sophomore year of high school and because of the location of it decided removing it would be to risky (I might never have walked again).  I continued to dance 4 more years after that but it was painful.  I wish I could see what life would be like without the tumor, because I wonder if I would have kept dancing!
4- Where would you love to travel?
Italy or France! 
5-What product do you use everyday?
There are a lot of them!  Clinique lotion, I cannot stand dry skin!
6- What's a blog that you check daily?
Hmm I read a lot  Monday-Friday but the weekends I kinda slack on blog reading.  I love Oh She Glows, Angela is so inspirational.  I can relate to a lot of the things she went through.
7-What's an insecurity that you have?
Hmm, well I sometimes feel like I have a lot of them!  A big one for me is that I will never find a job I absolutely love!
8-Whats the most important thing in a relationship?
Trust, Communication, Openness and Understanding. 
I think those all tie into each other.
9- Why do you blog?
Great question!  Happily Ever Healthy started out as a creative outlet for me.  Now I blog not only for the creative outlet but because I seriously love doing it!  I look forward to sharing my experiences with you all, interacting with everyone, and reading other blogs!  Blogging really is a great way to interact with people all across the world!
10- Do your friends and family read your blog?
Yes they do!   And I am so grateful that they do!  Mark even did a post on the blog when I first started!  Maybe he should do another one!!  What do you all think?  
11- What are you looking forward to this year?
Well there isn't just one thing I am looking forward to this year.  I am looking forward to being open to new opportunities and all the possibilities that life has to offer!

So now here are the 11 people I have tagged!

And the 11 questions they get to answer!
1-What is one thing you cannot start your morning without?
2- What was the most memorable moment of 2011
3- What is one goal you have for 2012
4- If you could live anywhere in the World where would you live?
5- What is your favorite childhood book?
6- What made you start blogging?
7- Who are your style icons?
8- What is 3 things you never leave the house without?
9- What is your favorite food?
10- What is something you have always wanted to do?
11- What is your dream job?

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!  
Let the relaxing begin!