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Saturday, January 21, 2012


Happy Saturday!
I have decided that weekends go way to fast, and I think that is unfair!  
But lets not focus on the weekend that is going way to fast, lets talk about the food from last nights dinner party!  The night was a major success!  Not only was the food delicious but we enjoyed a night of laughs, conversation, relaxing and wine!  Who doesn't need a girls night like that every now and then!  All of us girls decided that another pin board dinner party needed to be planned ASAP!

So here is a quick review of the food
Goat Cheese:  You must make this if you are a goat cheese fan!  It is delicious!  I used tart cherries and pecans (I think any combo would work)
Quinoa Salad: Oh Martha Stewart you just have to be good at everything!  This salad was delicious, loved the fresh herbs and the feta!  And super healthy!
Skinny Taste Chicken and Mushrooms in White Wine Garlic Sauce: YUM!  If you love mushrooms you have to make this.  It takes 30 minutes to make, super easy and down right delicious!  
No Bake Chocolate Cake: WINNER (I didn't get a picture).  But think the middle of a decadent Godiva truffle in cake form, yes I am being serious!  A sliceable truffle cake.  This little cake could be dangerous because not only does it take no time to make but it is rich, chocolaty and down right yum!  I subbed in cinnamon for the all spice!  
I have to admit I didn't take many pictures (I was to busy talking, and enjoying myself)!  But I did manage to get a few!
Goat cheese, and Skinny Taste Chicken and Mushrooms in a White Wine Garlic Sauce
Beautiful flowers from Katie!  Thank You!
Well my friends I am off to relax for the rest of the evening.  I have been go go go all day and I am ready to sit and relax!  Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!  Friday 5 recipe recap coming tomorrow!


  1. When I saw the title for this post, I knew it was going to be a winning combo. That entree looks delicious, I love mushrooms! I don't know what it is.

    Glad you had fun with your friends!!


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