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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Still on Cloud 9

Say What?
It's already Thursday!  I have no idea where this week has gone but let me tell you I am not complaining.  I think I am still a bit on cloud nine from my weekend with Mark!

I figured I would share this with you today...

It's Ok Thursday!

Its Ok Thursdays
It's  Ok That... 
... I got back Monday night and I have yet to unpack!  
(now if only my suitcase was that organized)!
...After seeing The Vows this weekend I now want to watch every single chick flick I own!  Movie night anyone?
...I have stayed up way later then usual this week because I am putting apps on my Ipad.  
Any suggestions?
and finally
...that it is Thursday and I am just now getting around to sharing this weeks Pinterest Challenge Recipes!
Better late then never right?
Thats what I thought!

Only two recipes this week, well if you count yesterdays shrimp risotto thats 3!
So here they are!

And  just because this recipe was delicious I have to mention it again!
Happy Thursday Everyone, one day closer to Friday!!

Ps look what got picked up from Color Me Mine!
Very Happy with the end results!  The colors are so bright and vibrant, and the flowers ad a little something! !


  1. A big glass of wine looks so even now, the morning!

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful Valentine's Day! It's nice to hear that you guys made the most of it even though you're far apart! And those flowers are gorgeous! I love that it's not the traditional all-red roses!

  3. that is adorable... nice to see you had a good time!

  4. Oh yum! Do you have a recipe for the creme brulee??

    1. The recipe for the creme brulee is linked above! Enjoy, it is delicious!

  5. OH I'd love to try both those risotto & creme!! I haven't made a shrimp one yet! Sounds like a beautiful time. Happy Hump day!

  6. Awww! I'm so happy that he surprised you with flowers! Still sounds like a lovely Valentine's Day even when you two were apart. :) Happy hump day!

  7. love risotto and that creme brulee looks so so good! Craving some chocolate :)

  8. Even though you and the bf weren't together it looks like you still had a great Vday! I had a girls night since I'm also doing a long distance relationship. MUST try that risotto recipe! It looks fab

  9. What a yummy meal and beautiful flowers! And as long as you celebrate your love(s), it doesn't matter when you do it! xo style, she wrote

  10. loved the flowers... love them even more because of the cute name!!! that creme brûlée looks amazing - its my favorite dessert!

  11. Love the flowers, and your meal looked amazing! Glad it was a good day, even though you were away from your valentine!

  12. your flowers are beautiful! how sweet of him!

    your dish sounds so delish. i love caprese salad! and dessert looks amazing!

    glad you had a great day!

  13. pretty flowers! and that shrimp risotto looks really good...i may have to try that out!

    oh and happy two years! what a great love story! :)

  14. At first, I was going to say 'Wow, your suitcase is beyond organized' but then I saw the writing underneath.

    I just found your blog through the link-up! I saw The Vow last week and was obsessed, but a few of my friends saw it and didn't like it. Please tell me you loved it as much as I did!

  15. Haha I too thought that was your suitcase at first! I love those flowers so pretty. Have a great day!

  16. ha ha- cute! I wish I knew how to pack like that! It helps to have a cute suitcase and cute clothes to go inside too.

  17. The veggie tostadas look AMAZING! Yum!

    Have a great Thursday!

  18. YAY for new apps on your ipad! And those recipes are making me hungry! I could not be happier that it's Thursday, although this week has been a SLOW a** week.

  19. Your blog posts always make me smile :) I am dying to see the VOW! I have heard it was soo good! Have a great night pretty lady!

  20. You´ve just inspired me to rewatch The Proposal again :) Love that movie! And love your recipe suggestions!

    Happy Friday!

    xx Ivana

    Stop by sometimes :)
    Macarons and Pearls

  21. Hope your trip was great! And who cares if you haven't unpacked yet...ha!

  22. i so need to watch some of my fav. movies again including Breakfast at Tiffany's!!


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