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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Touching Base

Hello Lovelies!
How are you all on this lovely Tuesday morning?

Im doing well but the state of Minnesota cannot decide what season we are in.  One minute it is 41 and sunny the next we have a severe winter weather advisory!  Can I just jump on a plane to someplace warm?
St Thomas would be nice!

I thought I would take a look back today at the goals I set for the 2012 year.  I wanted to see how I was doing at keeping my New Years resolutions!
Check out my 2012 goals here!

So how am I really doing...
I would say some goals I am doing really well on and others I could still use some work on!

Running a Race:
This is one of those goals that is a work in progress.  I had both races planned out that I wanted to run, unfortunately shin splints and tendonitis has kept me from running.  But I am determined to run a race by the end of this year!  
Not sweating the small stuff:
 I have noticed I am a lot more conscious about letting the little things get to me (I still let somethings get to me more then they should).  I am trying my hardest to sit back and let things happen as they will.  Trust me for a type A person like myself this is not easy, but hey I am a work in progress!  
The path to healthy living.
This is one I can safely say I am succeeding at!  Even though I am not running I am cross training and changing up my weight routines!  Feels good to get into a new routine!  The pin challenge that I have embarked on is helping me to expand my healthy cooking, and to be honest I am loving all the healthy recipes I have been trying!  
Loving Myself, and improving relationships 
This is a tough one, because I find it extremely easy to pick out the qualities you dislike about yourself. 
I am trying to focus on the positive things about myself verses beating myself up about all the things I disklike.  Sometimes this is easier said then done, but hey like I said above I am a work in progress!
Improving relationships was another big one with me.  I wanted to spend more time forming deeper connections, and spend more time listening to the people I love.  As far as my relationship with God and growing deeper in that area I can say I am trying.  This new year has brought about new struggles espicially the struggle of knowing there is a plan.  My biggest problem is I want to plan to happen now when in reality its not entirely up to me.  Yes this I am struggling with, but with time things change.  
How are you all doing with your new years resolutions or 2012 goals?
Are you checking in on your progress from time to time?


  1. I didn't make any goals so I don't have an update. I DO want to go to St. Thomas though!

  2. Hey my fellow Minne gal. I am joining some other local bloggers for the AIDS walk in May. Go check out my recent blog post and let me know if you want to join forces. It would be great to have you!

  3. good idea to check your progress! You are doing great. I am also a Type A and one of mine was to not sweat the small stuff. My boyfriend def. helps with this one because he is so laid back! I am learning slowly but surely.

    good luck running!

  4. Come visit me, it's warm down here!! Haha keep up the good work towards your goals, you're amazing!

  5. definitely not sticking because I've gotten a good number of curved balls that have made me rethink a lot of things

  6. yes! go to st. thomas, it is beautiful and you will definitely be warmer for usre

  7. Love this check back! I see a lot of goals at the beginning of the year, but not a lot of updates or check backs. You inspire me to keep going with my goals and to always be setting new ones. Thanks for the post!

    new follower :)

  8. Love that you're updating us on your progress! I'm proud of you! I'm doing an update on my goals on Thursday :)

  9. so funny you mentioned that.. i just came back from New Delhi and i'm so cold, it was in the 70s there, but it started getting way too warm, so we left in time. gonna catch up on your blog now. :-)

  10. Such a great reminder of goals! I hope your running problems go away so you can run a race! Good luck! :)

  11. I would say you're making some pretty dang good progress!

  12. Good luck working toward your NYE goals! It's tough, but we are sure you can do it! xo style, she wrote

  13. I love, love his poems. Always make me smile! xo


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