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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bright Colors

Hello Thursday!

Anyone else finding it hard to sit at work when the weather outside is beautiful!  We have had some beautiful afternoons here in Minnesota recently!  

All this sunshine and warm weather has me thinking about one thing... bright colors! 
I found these shoes and basically fell in love!  What do you think... 
I think they need to find there way into my closet!  Wouldn't you agree?
After finding those beauties I decided to go on a shoe shopping spree (well online anyways)!
Here are some other lovely pumps that caught my eye!

Love, need and want these!

Adorable shoes!   But what I really need to be looking for is sensible walking shoes... after all I will be walking to work!  I am open to suggestions!  

Alright lovelies, see you tomorrow on Friday!
I promise to have some apartment posts soon!
Happy Thursday! 


  1. I see women walking in work clothes, heels in hand, and rocking tennis shoes to walk to work! So you could get both :)

  2. love those pink heels, although probably not the most practical {but who said shoes had to be practical?} :)

    wish those tory burch flats didn't come with that price tag!

  3. I'll take one of each pair! Too cute!

  4. Yeah I want all of them. Love the sandals too! :)

  5. Oh my goodness I want all of these! Stop torturing me with all this fabulous pink and bright colors. Although the pink flats don't seem too impractical... right?

  6. oooh pretty pretty colors!! i love bright shoes. these are great hilliary

  7. I love the first hot pink ones!

  8. I love all your shoe picks! Loving bright colors, just wish it would get warm again soon!

  9. Love the cobalt LAMB pumps. Such a hot design - so architectural! Good find!

  10. i love all of them!! i can't pick my favorite --- so cute!!

  11. Hey! Long time no see :) I love all of those shoes. I am all about bright colors now that it is Springtime!


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