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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Hello Wednesday!
Notice anything different?
Yup my little blog got a facelift! I figured with all the wonderful changes going on in my life that my blog deserved a little TLC! I just felt it was time for an update, time for something simple!  And Brunch and Cupcakes are two of my favorite things (but I think you already knew that)!  I just like the way the new title sounds!  Same blog just a new fresh look to go along with this new exciting chapter in my life!

I woke up happy this morning.  
I just realized that I have a lot to look forward too. 

I figured I would bust out a What I am Loving Wednesday post!
Why not?  There are a lot of things I am loving these days!

I am loving the fact that in 2 weeks I will be living in a big city!
Right Downtown!  

I am loving that I have this new sense of self.  
I have not felt like this in a long time!
I feel like I am back to that free spirited girl!

I am loving that I found the best organic cafe just minutes from my new apartment!
I cannot wait to recreate some of their dishes at home!

I am loving that my little sister will be home in a week for Easter!
I am loving my wonderful family and friends!
They are the most amazing support system!  I am also thankful for all the wonderful support I get from all of you my followers/readers!  Thank you!  It is very much appreciated!
And most of all I am just loving life!
I feel like I could go on and on!
What are you all loving today?


  1. your blog looks great! I am loving catching up on sleep and beautiful weather :)

  2. Loving the new design

  3. Looks super cute! New blog, new apartment, new job, new life!

  4. Glad to hear you're feeling revived! The new look is definitely fun and fresh!

  5. I love that currently we work next to each other and are equally overly caffeinated!!! Makes the day so fun!

  6. I am loving your new name and look! And so happy that you have so many loves right now! Seriously, what would we do without amazing friends and family!

    I am so excited to follow you along to this new city!!

  7. love the new name and look and so happy you are in such a good place!!

  8. Love the new look and the new name lady! Glad to hear you are in a happy place, sounds like you have some fun decorating ahead! yay!!

  9. Love your sweet blog and thanks for stopping by ours!

  10. loving the new look! and who doesn't love brunch AND cupcakes??!!

  11. i knew you could do it. i could feel all that tension, but it takes time to adjust into a new job, new city, you just had it all come at you all at once. Change is the Law of Life. :) OMG, I totally know what you mean, when you live in a city environment, it's like the best coffee is around the corner.. it's so great to have these little spots.


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