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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It's Madness

Well March Madness that is! While I admit I know nothing about basketball march madness is always an exciting time!  Weekend games, parties, and time with friends! 
Unfortunately my Butler Bulldogs didn't make it this year! But there is a new underdog to route for, The Creighton Blue Jays! It will be great to watch and cheer on my little sisters school (who knows how far they will make it)!

I decided this year it was time for me to make my first ever bracket! You would think with Butler making it all the way to the final games (2 years in a row) that I would have done this sooner!
Now I already told you I know nothing about basketball, and to be honest had no idea there were 4 different divisions of the bracket (I learned that last year)! Thankfully my sports obsessed boyfriend helped me out with this one a bit!  And I think I had a pretty great way of picking my teams!  So are you ready for my super scientific bracket method? Ready?

Colors and mascots (and also some teams that I actually knew who the heck they were) genious!
Now will see how well my first bracket does!

Did any of you make a bracket this year?
How did you decide your teams?


  1. We usually watch the games but over never done the brackets...sounds like fun:-)

  2. My husband does a bracket challenge for work, I usually try to start one but can't keep up with it. Have fun doing yours!!

  3. I make a bracket every year! I study up on my bracketology using the facebook app and espn. I break it down by matchups then go from there based on their records and divisions/conferences. It's a pretty serious time for me haha. But, I just love march madness!

  4. I usually make a bracket every year and actually this is the first year I didn't :/

  5. Io'm seriously avoiding making my bracket because it overwhelms me so much! We're doing a bracket challenge in the obviously I want to participate, but I'm also afraid...

  6. I'm not a college basketball lover. Especially now that we have the Thunder to watch. BUT I love how you arranged your brackets. Ha, that's awesome. Let us know how that works for you!

  7. I'm not all into it either! But my boyfriend and I do it every year, a little challenge among each other, yet I always lose! haha I just choose by whose state or city, colors, mascot I like most! ha It's fun to participate, even though I never have a clue what I am doing! ha

  8. I find that my girl friends are happier about this than my boyfriend sometimes!

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