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Friday, June 29, 2012

A Weekend of Events

Happy Friday Loves! 
I am officially Omaha bound in about 5 hours, I can barely contain my excitiment! 
Can you blame me?  I am so close to seeing my family and celebrating my lovely sisters 21st birthday!  I can't think of a better way to spend a weekend!

She has loads of activities planned for us.  Like dinner at our favorite coal fire pizza place-

Pitch Pizza, an out door concert, my favorite cinnamon rolls from Wheatfields! 
And of course a few Omaha bars to celebrate her big birthday! 
Can I leave right now?  Its going to be a weekend of laughs, celebration and good quality family time! 

Now lets talk about this weeks pin recipe! 
Major success! 
Super easy!  I did not grill my chicken, I baked it.  However the end result was still delicious!  I let my chicken marinade all day, and I thought the tomato/burschetta topping on top was delicious! 
A quick and easy meal that won points with my taste testers!  This recipe will be made again!

Well folks I am out! 
Have a fabulous weekend, I will see you Monday with a little recap from our Omaha weekend! 
Happy Friday! 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Special Someones Birthday!

Today is this little Ladies 21st Birthday!


I cannot believe she is 21!  Hard to believe how quick the years have flown, it feels like just yesterday we were running around our back yard barefoot, just seeing what kind of trouble we could get into!  Well, her 365 day countdown is over (yes we had a countdown going), and she is finally legal!  Yes, my little sister is growing up, and while we might not be sitting around playing Barbies anymore I feel like we are closer then we have ever been!  So here is to you big birthday Miranda, I couldn't be more proud of you, and everything you have accomplished so far! Bring on the celebration!   

I love you Seester!  Happy 21st Birthday, lets make it a memorable one!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Best Vacation Ever! Guest Post

Good Morning All! 

How many of you have a vacation that sticks out in your mind as your "Best Vacation Ever?" Why don't you head on over to Emily's blog Paging Dr. Grace 
to read all about what I consider my "Best Vacation Ever!"
Have a fabulous day everyone!

Monday, June 25, 2012


Happy Monday Darlings! Did you all have a good weekend? Ready for another week? I am! I am hoping the week goes fast, because Friday we are off to Omaha to see this little lady, 
 And celebrate her 21st birthday! Hard to believe my little sister is going to be 21! Don't we look so mature in that picture? 

 Anyways this past weekend I golfed for my very first time! And while I was nowhere near good I had a blast! I was a little surprised that I could even hit the ball! I am convinced that if I had pink golf clubs I would be amazing!

 Saturday turned out to be a beautiful day, perfect for an evening on the water with friends! Lake Minnetonka is beautiful, 
and I enjoyed good company and drooling over the many massive mansions on the lake!
 Since I am out of town this weekend I picked a pin recipes that will help me clean out the fridge! I secretly love weeks where I don't have to grocery shop, although now that the new Lunds is open across the street I don't really mind grocery shopping! Shall we take a look at the recipe? 

 Looks like a good one to me! What do you think? 
 Have a great start to your week!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Burning up!

Happy Friday Everyone! 
I can safely say that I am thrilled to see the end of the week!  Work was a little bit hectic, but it made the week fly by!

Before I get any further into this post I want to wish my Momma a very Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday Momma Wolfe!  I love you!  

Now, this weekend I have a few exciting things going on!
Like my very first golf outing!!
I have never golfed before in my life.  I have a feeling I am going to be an uncoordinated mess out on the golf course!  But hey, at least I will look cute sporting my new golf skirt and polo!

Saturday I will be relaxing on a boat and enjoying the beautiful Lake Minitonka with friends!
Nothing says summer like spending the evening on a boat!

But now how about we talk about this weeks pin challenge recipe!
Man was it spicy!

But oh was it delicious!
I was impressed with the flavor of Eighty-Twenties Kung Pao Cauliflower Soup!

You could taste the subtle hint of peanut butter, and the chili garlic sauce def. kicked up the heat factor! Served up with some sauted mushrooms, edamame and steamed broccoli!  It was a veggie loaded night.  
For a week night meal this soup came together quickly!  Super healthy and delicious!
This will go on my must make again board!

So with all that said, have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Oldies but Goodies

Happy Tuesday Lovelies!
Is everyones week off to a good start?  

I promised you some new pin recipes today!  And I have one for you!  As I was flipping through my pin board this week however I was struck by a few recipes I just needed to make again.  Recipes like...
Lasagna Rolls from Skinny Taste

And Rice and Beans with Chicken and Chorizo from Cooking Light! 

But a promise is a promise and here is the new recipes I am trying out for the week!
Kung Pao Cauliflower Soup from Eighty-Twenty!

I have high hopes for this soup!
Oh and I still need to make this one!
The Chickpea patties with Cucumber Yogurt Sauce!

I know I am slacking in the kitchen!

Monday, June 18, 2012

My Top 5

Happy Monday All!
Did everyone have a stellar weekend?
Did you spoil your dad a little bit for Father's Day?
I hope so!  I got to spend a little bit of time with my dad this weekend! 
I made homemade pizza for us on Saturday night!
(new favorite combo; Goat Cheese, Spinach, and Mushrooms!  It is like a salad on dough!!)
And enjoyed a relaxing evening in watching Thor!

I actually enjoyed the movie!  And this is coming from a girl who is all about the Chick Flicks! 

Thanks dad for everything that you do for me!
I love you!

So, I have been doing this Pinterest Recipe Challenge now for what seems like ages.  Ok in reality it has only been about 4-5 months I would say (and I still have over 1000 recipes, seriously that is a lot)!! 

I thought today I would highlight on my the top 5 recipes I have discovered from this little challenge I created for myself!  After all I don't want these recipes to get lost and never made again!

I need to make this again as soon as possible!  

I should just roast up a big batch of garlic and veggies so I can have this meal on a weeknight! 

I think we know this is a favorite, I  make a loaf almost every weekend! This is a winner with all my test tasters!   I am actually making a loaf to take to a bake sale!

Perfect for dinner or brunch!

Looking through the Pinboard of recipes I had already made, it was hard to just pick 5!  But I will say these have been the most enjoyed by all!

I will have new recipes for you tomorrow!
Have a fabulous Monday! 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Uplifting Wednesday

It is one of those weeks at work where the day is go go go. 
I felt like I could use a little mid week pick me up!
How about you?

Happy Hump Day Everyone!


Happy Tuesday Folks! 
Minnesota was hit with some pretty hot weather this weekend!  And I loved it!  

There is nothing like spending a weekend relaxing in beautiful weather!
Friday night I headed down to Stillwater right on the St. Croix River for a little boating, grilling and wine!
Have any of you ever tried Turkey Brats?  
Since I am not a pork fan I thought this would be a great option for me! 
I found some Spinach and Garlic ones at Target!  

Saturday I spent the afternoon basking in the sun, enjoying the company of some wonderful people! 
Nothing says summer like sitting on a deck, and grilling!  

Sunday I picked up this dress from Banana Republic!

I am in love!  I was originally just going to make returns at Banana before heading down to Rochester for a wedding, but one look at the Trina Turk Dress and I knew I had to have it! 

Has anyone else seen the Trina Turk collection for Banana? 

She designed some great pieces for them!
The dress was perfect for an outdoor wedding, nice, light and so summery! 
The wedding was held at the lovely and historic Old Stone Barn in Rochester. 

A beautiful wedding location, just down the road from the old Mayowood Masion (you remember the Mayo brothers right?  and the Foundation House?)

We had a fun evening chatting and laughing!
I even got to see this little lady!
She has the cutest baby bump! 

Needless to say after such a fun filled weekend I am a bit exhausted!  
But I am ready for a good week!

Oh and one more thing before I leave
Check out the new Pin recipes I am trying this week!

I am hoping these are delicious.  To me the recipe sounds almost like Flaffel!  

I am also looking for a good recipe for Swordfish.  I want to serve the fish along with these Brussel Sprouts, yum!
Stay tuned for the results!  Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!  

Friday, June 8, 2012

The Return of the Friday 5!

Happy Friday Folks! 
Who is ready for the weekend?  I know I am! 
I felt I was long over due for a Friday 5 post!  So here is my Friday 5, followed by a recap of this weeks pin recipes!  

1- I am extremely excited that Saturday the weather is supposed to be beautiful!
91 degrees and sunny (not a cloud in the sky)!  Time to bust out the swim suits and work on that tan of mine!  

2-I am also really excited that in just 7 days a Lunds (local Minneapolis grocery store)  will be opening up right across the street from my apartment!  
I plan on taking full advantage of this!  

3-  I need to buy one of these! 

I am obsessed with Spa Water, current flavor obsessions are pineapple and strawberry!  The cafeteria at my office does 3 different Spa waters each day!  The naturally flavored waters are a good change from plain old water!   Target sells them online for about $20 check it out

4- I am still lusting over these! 
5- Currently Loving This Song!
Train Drive By

Now lets get on with that recipe review!
I thought both recipes were excellent!  But lets start with Ready Set Eats Southwestern Soup!

I made mine super spicy, and was happy with the result!  Top with some avocado and a little greek yogurt and you have a quick and healthy meal!  I also served warm whole grain tortillas on the side! 
This recipe got a thumbs up!

This got two major thumbs up!  For our first time grilling, I think the chicken turned out excellent!  I loved the cucumber relish!  I thought the crisp cucumber added a fresh taste to these wraps.  I also made a simple Tzatziki with a little greek yogurt to dollop on top!  I am for sure making these again!

Well there you have it a recipe recap and a Friday 5!
Enjoy your weekend everyone!  

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Have you ever pushed yourself to the max, I mean pushed your body so hard you literally wanted to fall over?  That was me last night!  I decided to tac on a little stair running to the end of my evening run last night, and lets just say they kicked my butt!

All 155 of them 3x!
It was a killer, the stairs left my legs feeling like jello, and I had sweat dripping everywhere!
But it was worth it! 

I later came across this quote on Pinterest and could not agree more! 

I could not agree more!  
So tell me how do you push yourself to the max in a workout?
Any new workouts your trying now that the weather is nice?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Dwindling Pin Board

Happy Tuesday Everyone! 
How is the week starting for you?
Yesterday was a crazy day at work, my 8 hour work day felt like it was only 2 hours long! 
There was so much to do!

These past few weeks I have been attempting to update the recipe page and pinterest challenge page!  It is coming together slowly but surely, and something I have been meaning to do (for a very long time)!   I am hoping I will get it done soon, I am holding myself accountable since I added it to my June goals list!  

I have a few recipes to share with you today, lets take a look at the recipes I made almost two weeks ago!
Peas and Thank You's Lentil Enchiladas, and a Cranberry Chicken Salad from Plum Pie! 
The Lentil Enchilada's were amazing!  
They were easy to make, and made great leftovers for lunch!  They got a thumbs up from my test tasters! I think next time I am going to use a hotter enchilada sauce!  

And the Cranberry Chicken salad was pretty darn good as well.  I love Apples and Cranberries in my chicken salad. 

Although I have to say I was not to crazy about the apple cider vinegar!  I will leave that out next time! 

Now, it wouldn't be a pin challenge unless I introduced you to a few more recipes!  My pin board is slowly getting smaller and smaller!  I need to start tackling some of the desserts, guess I need to throw a party!   I felt that two recipes would be enough this week, since I will be gone most of the weekend again! 

These look delicious, and I am a sucker for greek food! 

Bring on the spice!
I hope these two recipes are winners because they look and sound delicious! 

Monday, June 4, 2012

June Goals

Another Monday is here and we are at the start of a new month! 
I am still wrapping my mind around the fact that it is already June!  Summer and warm weather are officially here!  I feel like just yesterday we were ringing in 2012, where has the time gone?

As I was thinking about the New Year I was suddenly reminded of those new years resolutions I made months ago.  

For those of you that are new read about my new years resolutions here and here

As I looked back at everything I wanted to accomplish this year, I decided that I wanted to have some short term month to month goals!  I decided to compile a small list! 

1-Take a Ballet Class! 

I live about 5 blocks from my old Ballet School, and something inside me is telling me to go back and dance!  I am nervous for this, because I have not taken a ballet class in years.  

2- Start training this month for a 10k.  
This past weekend while home I did a wonderful 5 mile run through the woods! 
It is my longest run to date since I healed up from my stress fracture!  I will be running my first 5k in about a month and a half, but I am ready to get back into the long runs! 

3- In June I want to start budgeting. 

I have to be honest I am not good with this, but this month I want to begin saving more!  I also want to be responsible and know where my money is going!

4-I want to join a bible study this month.  
My company offers many bible studies during lunch, and since I am officially done with training I think now is a great time to join one! 

5-I want to get the blogs recipe page/pin challenge page cleaned up and back online! 

These are just some of the short term goals I hope to accomplish this month!  
Do you guys set up monthly goals?