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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Pond Scum

Happy Tuesday loves!
I am back from a wonderful weekend in Omaha, and I can't wait to tell you all about it!!

We got in about 6:30 Friday night and headed straight to Pitch Pizza to meet my family for dinner and drinks!  I love the atmosphere at Pitch Pizza, darks wood, lower lighting, and long tables make for a casual yet cozy dining experience! I was careful not to stuff myself because my sweet tooth was ready for a huge piece of cake!
Nothing Bundt Cake!  Happy 21st Miranda!
After a quick wardrobe change and a small photo shoot, we were all out the door to party like rock stars!

We went to one bar where we had a drink called Pond Scum!  Think along the lines of a fish bowl! I feel like we must have hit every bar in Old Market (part of Omaha).  We ended the night dancing ad little butts off!

Saturday I feel like we did a lot of eating!  I of course enjoyed a Wheatfirlds cinnamon roll!
Saturday night we went to Dixie Quicks for dinner!  Dixie quicks has been featured on Diners Dives and Drives, and is a on of my parents/sisters favorite places to go!

It was my first time dining at Dixie Quicks! And it was delicious!  The restaurant had an eclectic feel with exposed brick walls, and a small art gallery attached to the dining room! The menu was posted on a big chalk board, and we were given a smaller chalkboard with the daily specials!

The best part we didn't even order our own meal! Our waiter asked us what we liked and basically told us what he was going to brings for dinner! Our waiter was hilarious, and charismatic! And he didn't steer us wrong in our dinner selections!  I ended up with one of the specials a Shrimp Chilequiles
Wow was it good,spicy and full of flavor.
At the table we also had blackened salmon,
Texas Chile Pepper Steak for the guys

And an asparagus and pancetta pasta!
Everything looked delicious!
To say I was stuffed after dinner may be an understatement!
After another photo shoot it was time to enjoy some jazz in the park!
 Just Adorable! 
We parked our selves at an outdoor table at Crave and enjoyed live Jazz music by my sisters apartment!  Our evening ended with Farkel and a spectacular fire works show!

Sunday was low key since we had to drive home.
As we left Omaha we had to stop and take a picture of Mr. phelps!
The Olympic swim time trials were being held in Omaha over the weekend! It was neat to see everything the city had set up for this special event!

Such a great weekend!
And just think we will be back in Omaha in just 2 weeks for the color run!

Now on a completely different note can you believe it is already July?  I can't! I am excited though to celebrate the 4th of July tomorrow!  We are kicking off our 4th of July celebration tonight with a good old American BBQ!, Friends and grilling sounds like a perfect night to me! 

How are you going to celebrate the 4th?
Happy Tuesday All!


  1. OMG I have said this before and I will say it again that sticky cinnamon bun looks TO DIE FOR!

  2. OMG so much good food. That cinammon roll looks fantastic!

  3. looks like you had a blast! i can't believe alllll that icing on the cinnamon roll...yum!!!


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