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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Team Outing - Minnesota State Fair

Today is somewhat of an interesting day! 
For work my team is going to the Minnesota State Fair! 

We get to be outside, enjoy each others company, get away from the office and enjoy the fair! 
 It's not every day you get to leave work at noon to go wandering around the fair! 
I will definitely be doing some people watching, and enjoying one of these... 

My favorite fair food (the fried stuff just isn't my thing)! 
Happy Tuesday Everyone! 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend Recap - BBQ Edition

Happy Monday Folks!
Can you believe it is the last week of August?
Kinda crazy, right?

That means in a little less then 19 days I will be celebrating my 26th birthday! 

As we make our way into the Fall (one of my favorite seasons) I find myself wanting to cram these last few summer days full, with as many summer activities I can! 

This weekend was filled with lots of relaxing and lots of BBQing! 
Friday night we enjoyed a roof top BBQ with my work friends. 
I took a pasta salad very similar to this one, from Eat Yourself Skinny:

An old favorite of mine! 
We got to enjoy the lovely weather on a roof top right downtown minneapolis! 

I love the feeling of being downtown surrounded by tall buildings.  I really do love the city! 

Saturday started off as one of those lazy Saturdays, you know the kind where you have no real agenda and you just go with the flow!   Derek and I ran errands before heading over to his sister and brother  in laws house for a BBQ! We had some amazing food!   Fresh sweet corn, pasta salad, burgers and a Salmon burger for me! 

Which have any of you ever had a salmon burger?
I bought my salmon burger fresh at the Grocery store across the street from me, and let me tell you I need to figure out how to make one!  I am thinking of trying this recipe... click here... maybe less mayo!

Derek's brother in law also made a great dessert! 
Looked something like this...

A layer of Neapolitan ice cream sandwiches, covered in carmel and topped with a layer of cool whip and heath bars!  It was heavenly, and cured  my frozen yogurt craving! 

Sunday Derek and I made it to our usual church service and spent the afternoon relaxing before picking up friends to head to the first ever Ribs and Blues night at church.

I guess you could say it was an event held to celebrate what has been happening in our church.  It was a great evening of music, and it was nice to be able to enjoy the evening with friends!
All in all it was a good weekend; lots of grilling, relaxing and friends! 
How are you spending your last few days of summer?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Girls Weekend Recap - Minneapolis Addition

Wow, Happy Thursday! 
I am not sure where the week has gone, it seems to have gotten away from me! 

I believe I owe you a recap from my girls weekend! 
We had a fabulous time!  Let's start with Friday!

Friday my mom, sister and Derek headed to Loring Kitchen and Bar! 

Loring Kitchen and Bar is a lovely 5 minute walk from my apartment! 
Since we we walked right by the beautiful Loring Park my sister and I decided it was time for an impromptu photo shoot! 

(The Berger Fountain reminds me of a puffy dandelion!)

Once at the restaurant we enjoyed some indoor/outdoor seating and great food! 
Our meal started off with a few drinks and Maui Maui fish tacos that were out of this world! 

For dinner we had a sampling of a little bit of everything!  Grilled Salmon and Tabbouleh for my sister, a pesto chicken sandwich for my mom, Grilled Arctic Char for me, and a huge pork chop for derek! 
The food was amazing, but what I loved the most was the laid back bistro like atmosphere! 

Since my sorority sisters were coming in late Friday night we sat around in our PJ's talking, gearing up for a busy yet fun filled day Saturday! 

Saturday started off lazy, with coffee in our PJs. 
But as soon as we were ready it was off to the Edina Grill for brunch! 
Remember that place?  It is where Derek had the out of this world french toast! 

I ordered a Vegetarian Breakfast Burrito this time, and it was delicious but huge! 
After brunch came shopping.  

We went from shop to shop on 50th and France before we finally decided it was time for a glass of wine at a little wine bistro,  Bijou! 

Great wine, and fabulous company. 
After the wine it was off for more shopping, and Mall of America was on the list of places to hit! 
We wrapped up our shopping just in time to get ready and head out for sushi at one of my favorite places in Minneapolis; Origami! 

(Located in the warehouse district of minneapolis on the corner of 1st Ave and 1st St)

We were seated instantly, and had a waiter that was more then "OK" with us taking our time with the menu while we caught up, and even gave wonderful food recommendations! 

(Yes, Saki Bombs were involved)
We laughed, had drinks and ate some amazing sushi!  We were having such an amazing time that we didn't even realize the restaurant was about to close! 

We ended our night out on the town! 
Here are a few cute pictures! 

(Derek even made an appearance to meet the girls!!)

All in all it was a wonderful weekend, and I am so glad I got to spend some time catching up with old friends! 

So tell me what do you like to do when you go to a new city for the first time?
Do you and your college girl friends ever do girls weekends?

Friday, August 17, 2012

Anticipating - Plus Pin Recipes

I have eagerly been anticipating Friday, not because it's been a long week but because of what is going on this weekend!  

Not only do I get to go to dinner with my little sister 
mom and  Derek tonight; at a restaurant I have never tried. 

(Loring Kitchen and Bar, I have been there for a happy hour and it is a neat atmosphere)!

But also two of my besties/sorority sisters are flying in to spend a weekend in the city!

I am extremely excited to see them, and to show them around my city/home state! 
We are playing the weekend by ear, but I would like to show them Mall of America, maybe 50th and France or grand avenue all wonderful shopping destinations!   We have a  lovely sushi dinner (a tradition from college) planned, brunch and a night out on the town!  Stay tuned for the recap of our girls weekend! 

Now before I leave you until Monday, check out these pin recipes that had my taste buds singing this week! 

Lets start with this Honey Lime Chicken!

Which I served up with baby roasted potatoes.  Lets just say I didn't stop hearing about how good this chicken was, needless to say I was happy the recipe turned out so well!  I used my little George Foreman to grill the chicken, and it worked perfectly!  You must make this chicken, super easy just marinade overnight! 

And our last recipe of the week, a delicious bean filled Vegetarian Chili

This chili was perfect, since Minnesota has been having some cool evenings!  I was a little skeptical about how this recipe would go over (especially since there was no meat), but to my surprise it was a winner!  Now I have lots of leftovers to take for lunches, or freeze!  If your looking for a great vegetarian chili make this one! 

Happy Friday Everyone! 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I might be a little late in loving this bright trend.  But it takes me a while to wear a bright out there color!  While I am not sure I could pull of neon pants (I returned my bright neon dress from Gap), or something along those lines,  I think I could go for a more subtle take on this still very hot trend! 

Check out the neon pieces I am loving! 
I am currently obsessed with these Neon Asics, like need to get them! 

They remind me of what my tennis shoes looked like after the color run! 

Neon Statement Jewelry: 
I love this necklace: 

and this one:

Love - Neon Nails!
Ads a fun pop of color to your work wear! 

Neon Nike running Tank?

People would see me coming! 

How are you still loving this trend?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

One Full Weekend - And the Pin Challenge

Happy Tuesday Everyone!
Did you all have a lovely weekend?

Here are a few highlights from the weekend. 
Drinks at a local restaurant across from my apartment; The Butcher and the Boar.

Check out the pork chop my friend Brendan order!

Derek and I are taking my sister there for dinner on Friday! 
A Birthday celebration on Lake Minnetonka for my lovely friend Britt!

Always good to see old friends! 
A delicious brunch with Derek's family sunday morning before church (I seriously love an early Sunday Brunch before church)!

Keys Cafe has some of the best Cinnamon Bread!
And Finally a lovely Baby Shower for Derek's sister Sunday afternoon1
It was a full weekend, but a fun weekend! 

And now I believe I owe you some new recipes for this week! 
Let check them out! 

I have had this chicken marinading all night!
Lime Honey Crusted Chicken from The Enchanted Cook 

Source: via Dawn on Pinterest

I cannot wait to serve this up with some roasted vegetables (baby potatoes anyone)

And since the evenings have been getting cool in Minnesota, I thought I would make a big pot of this vegetarian chilli!

Are your evenings starting to get cool where you live?
Are you ready for fall to be here?  I know I am, I am jsut ready for the new wardrobe!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Fancies - The Living Room Addition

I am so happy that the weekend is here!  
I am ready for some rest and relaxation! 

My weekend plans include:
Enjoying the weather on a roof top!
(The View from Stella's rooftop)!
Perferably with a glass of wine!

Spending some quality time with some good friends!
Hopefully checking out the Mill City Farmers Market, one of the biggest ones in Minneapolis.
And Derek's sisters baby shower!
I am so excited, she is having Twins! 

Now I have seriously been thinking about buying a couch, and decorating my living room. 
When I first moved in I told myself I was not going to rush into buying any furniture for my apartment, and that what i had would work! But now that I feel like I am settled in, and my apartment feels like home I am starting to get the itch to furniture shop!  And furniture shopping is one of those things that scares me, because I want to be 100% sure I love what im buying ( I don't want to hate it in a month)!

So lets take a look at a few couches that have caught my eye, along with some living room decorations for this edition of Friday Fancies!
Let me know what you think, I need some input here!

1-Love this style!

And I really like the color!

2 - I love the sleek look of this one...

3- This couch is perfect for my small space!
I am really loving sectionals, and light colors!

4- I'm thinking one of these tables is in order!
time to get crafty, I love the look of these palette tables!

5- And for a little splash of color I am thinking something along these lines: 
Love the Marimekko Print that Crate And Barrel has!
I like this one too!

What do you think? Does anyone else worry about big purchases?
Happy Friday Everyone!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thursday's Sweet Treat - Marshmallow Bars

I figured since it is Thursday we could all use a sweet treat to get us through the rest of the week!  I mean we made it to Thursday, the weekend is in site and who doesn't love a little something sweet?  So here is that sweet treat I teased you all with on Tuesday!

Let me introduce you to Marshmallow bars!
One of Derek's favorites!

 I first had Marshmallow Bars a few weeks ago while down in Whalan, for Derek's family vacation.  And let me just say, it is hard to eat just one of these suckers (seriously, they are that addicting)!
The combination of peanut butter and chocolate is simply amazing, I mean in my book there is no better food combination!   Derek's mom sent us the recipes: all you need is 5 simple ingredients, and a microwave!  Shall we get started?

Marshmallow Bars:

1 and a half Bags of Mini Marshmallows

1 and a half Bags of  Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips
1 1/2 Sticks of Butter
3/4 Cup Creamy Peanut Butter
1 - 9x13 Pan.

First grease your pan so that nothing sticks when you cut your bars!
Now pour your marshmallows into the bottom of your greased pan, making sure the the entire bottom of the pan is covered.  It should look something like this!

In a large mixing bowl place your semi sweet chocolate chips, butter, and peanut butter.
Melt your ingredients in the microwave until everything is melted (about 3-5 min, check periodically), stir well to combine.

Pour your chocolate peanut butter mixture over the marshmallows making sure that all the marshmallows are equally covered!
What I think is the best part of baking...

Now place in the fridge until your chocolate has hardened (now you can eat the.  If you want to enjoy these bars faster stick them in the freezer!

 I dare you to try and eat just one of these!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

From the Black Hole of Recipes

Hello Lovlies! 
Did we all survive Monday?  I felt like I was dragging a bit yesterday, maybe it was because of my busy weekend! 

This week for my Pin Challenges I decided to go back to the archives and dig up some Pin recipes I made a while back, I don't want those amazing recipes to get lost in the black hole! 

But before we get into those I thought we could recap last weeks recipes! 
I already told you how amazing these Quinoa Black Bean Burgers were! 

Seriously, you have to make them!  I ate them on a bun, wrapped them in a tortilla and even topped a salad with these tasty burgers!  I subbed in a chilly garlic sauce for the mustard!  
But I am not kidding, you need to make these tonight! 

And secondly these delicious Chickpea Tacos! 

(sorry my picture was not very good)!!!
Also great wrapped in a tortilla or even on chips or as a salad topper! 

But now lets take a look at this weeks recipes, yes we are going back to the achieve of recipes! 

My favorite go to dinner, bake potatoes! 
Not just any baked potatoes black bean stuffed baked potatoes! 

I remember loving all the flavor combinations in this meal! 

And who could forget the Sweet and Sticky Chicken! 

I am going to serve this with some brown rice, and roasted broccoli!  

And stay tuned for a yummy treat that is so easy to make, trust me you will want to make these!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Scenes From the Weekend

You know those weekends when you just go with the flow, and whatever happens, happens. 
Well that is exactly how I feel about this weekend! 
And I had a blast. 

We had a few things planned this weekend, but the days were pretty much ours to do whatever we want! Here are just a few highlights/pictures from the weekend! 

Nothing better then being surprised with beautiful flowers! 

A delicious Tortellini Salad, from Two Peas and Their Pod: 

Seriously make this salad (makes great leftovers)! 
I made it for a BBQ on Saturday night.  Grilling, friends and a bon fire; no better way to spend a Saturday night.  And yes the evening was made complete with S'mores!!

To die for French Toast from the Edina Grill

There is nothing I love better then an early Sunday Morning Brunch before church!

The iconic Cherry on the Spoon, at the Walker Art Center Garden. 

And a few more pictures from our walk around downtown, and a local Art Fair! 
and of course just some of us goofing around! 

What did you do this weekend?