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Monday, January 9, 2012

A Little Follow Up

Today I wanted to take a little time to do a follow up to my Friday Post!  I talked  emailed my idea to a few other bloggers last Friday about cooking my way through through my food pin board.  And the idea just kept popping up in the back of my mind all weekend!  My mind would go back and forth from Julie and Julia to the millions (ok not millions) of recipes that are on my pin board.  Hey it is kind of like a virtual cook book! So this little thought of mine turned into a full fledged idea.  And as I tried not one but three new recipes this week from my pin board I thought to myself hey I can do this!

However this little task of mine is going to take a bit of time!  I mean there are 1100 pins on there (and yes I deleted some because they were duplicates or I already made them)! But will it be fun? Heck yes, whats not to love about trying new healthy recipes (and er maybe some not so healthy ones, a girl has to have cupcake every now and then)!

So here is my game plan (or cooking plan?)!
Each Friday I am going to do a Friday Five and feature 5 recipes I would like to try out that upcoming week.  If I only have time to make one new recipe that is fine, I won't fret.  Because this is meant to be a fun project, and a way for me to try new recipes!  I have already created a new pin board where the recipes will be pinned after I try them.  But here is the kicker, not every recipe will make it onto said board.  As I go about cooking my way through my pin board I am only going to keep those recipes I absolutely loved, you know the ones I can see myself making over and over again.  The others will be discarded.  The hope is to eliminate the black hole of recipes, and to end up with a brand new spankin food board with recipes that I literally drooled over!

So lets kick of this little challenge of mine with the three recipes I have tried so far!
They are... 
The Detox Salad from Oh She Glows.
 I switched in cranberries and cherries for the currents and raisins!
This might be a go to salad for my lunch box!
Trader Joe's Cilantro Dressing adds a great flavor punch to the salad 
(seriously want to attempt making my own)!

Saturday morning while still in my PJ's I whipped up this,

Eat Live Runs Almond Apple Sauce bread.  Pretty delicious if you ask me. As I was mixing the batter however I came to the realization that I had no slivered almonds!  Ooops!  I left them out, but sprinkled a praline pecan granola on top of the bread!
and last but not least I made the Clean Eating Spanakopita Casserole! However mine did not look out as pretty as this!

Oh and lets just say that  phyllo dough and I are not the best of friends!  But the dish turned out tasty (there are a few tweaks I would like to make to it!

So there you have it folks my little challenge is underway (this could be one heck of an adventure).  And while I will try and stay true to the recipe you all know I like to add my little quirks as I go!
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And PS I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who follows my blog and for your daily comments, you guys really do make my day!