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Monday, January 16, 2012

The Weekly 5-The Challenge

Well my friends it is the start of a new week, you know what that means!  But before we get down to buisness how was every bodies weekend?  I am hoping your weekends were fabulous, mine was a little jam packed, but I had a blast!  Lots of shopping with my momma, cooking and a bit of relaxing!  Also Happy Martin Luther King Day!  Is anyone doing anything special to celebrate.  I wish I was back in Indy to celebrate, the Indianapolis Museum of Art puts on a great event to honor Dr. Martin Luther King.  But now lets recap the last two recipes, and introduce the new line up of drool worthy recipes!
Where should we start?  Lets start with the Lemon Ginger Loaf!
I had high hopes for this bread.  It smelled delicious in the oven, but alas I cannot embrace the flavor combination.  Maybe I put to much ginger in? I am not sure.  
The bread turned out looking great though!  
The Larabars on the other hand I thought turned out great!  

(my pictures weren't very appealing)!
I was surprised at how easy it is to make homemade Larabars!  Puree your dried fruit, chop up your nuts, add spices and form into bars!  It is that easy, I can see these bars becoming a new snack staple! 
A new follower Jenn of Peas and Crayons sent me here recipe for Key Lime Larabars (thanks for sending me the recipe) and I cannot wait to try making them!