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Friday, January 20, 2012

Wanna Stay for Dinner?

Hello Friday, I am so glad your here!  I am ready for a few days of relaxing.  Plus I am really looking forward to tonights festivities!  I think this little dinner party I am hosting is what got me through this week!  Tonight a few friends and I are having a pin board style dinner!  If I could have you all over for dinner tonight I would, because there is nothing I love more then entertaining and cooking for others!  So whats on the menu for this little get together tonight you ask?
Well let me show you...

A little Goat Cheese and wine to get the night started!  
Followed by a delicious quinoa salad from Martha Stewart

Chicken and Mushrooms in a Garlic White Wine Sauce, doesn't that just look simply delicious?
But wait their is more... We still have dessert!
Are you ready for this?

No Bake Chocolate Cake from 101 Cookbooks!  I made this last night, and the smell of melty chocolate was intoxicating (seriously one of the best smells)!  Just looking at these pictures makes me hungry, I am already antsy for the end of the work day!  But aside from enjoying a wonderful array of food I am looking forward to great conversation, a relaxing evening, and good wine!
Stay tuned, Sunday I will have the recap of dinner and the highs and lows of this weeks 5 pinterest recipes!

Here is to the start of a wonderful weekend!
What do you have planned this weekend?