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Sunday, January 22, 2012


I ran out of time this week to make all the delicious recipes from last weeks 5!  But I did succeeded (or my dad succeeded) in making 3 of them!

Another fabulous way to use the super grain of quinoa!  I used a Newman's Own Light ime Vinaigrette instead of the lemon one called for!  Serve with simple pan seared chicken, tofu or fish for a complete meal!
A sweeter version of stir fry!  If you love pineapple this stir fry is for you.  I was not a fan of the fish sauce, if I make this again I will sub in say sauce instead!  I also think I would have liked some onions thrown in the stir fry mix!  This however was a nice change of pace from your typical stir fry.  
and finally 
The original recipe called for prosciutto which I left out (not a huge cured ham fan)!  The pasta had a rich texture, and I loved how spinach packed the dish was.  Warning this makes a lot, my family still has leftovers!  That being said I took this pasa the next day for lunch and it reheated very nicely!

And while I am confessing that I ran out of time to make all five recipes I should also
admit that instead of trying a new recipe Saturday night I made this quiche again!
What I cannot help that it was delicious, and a huge success!  You really should make this quiche if you haven't already (yes I am being serious)!  
See you all tomorrow with a new line up of recipes from the pin board!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!