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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


This week is flying, and guess what tomorrow is my Friday!  Sorry, I don't want to rub it in!  I took Friday off so that I could drive down to Omaha Nebraska for the weekend to see this little lady!
My sister!
Super excited.  We plan on doing some shopping, mani/pedis, a basketball game and of course some enjoying some great food!  But on a random side not I completely forgot to mention that yesterday was national peanut butter day!  I have no idea how I didn't know.  How could I miss an entire day dedicated to a food a could practically live on!

So today in honor of yesterdays National Peanut Butter Day (and because it is What I love Wednesday), I am loving Peanut Butter!
Ok lets be real I love peanut butter all the time!  
And I am pretty pumped and loving that this work week is almost over
and that I get to spend the weekend with my family!
Oh and this is another big one!  I am loving that in two short weeks I will be off to Columbus to see Mark!  We have lots to celebrate, 2 years and Valentines day!
Thats a lot of traveling! 

Now onto Tag!
City Boy over at Life Through Preppy Glasses was kind enough to think of me and tag me in his 11 things about me post!  Yes you get to learn 11 more things about me!  I know you are all excited about this!

So here it goes
Here are the rules in case you have forgotten!

1. You must post the rules.
2. Post eleven fun facts about yourself on the blog post.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you've been tagged.
4. Tag eleven people and link them in your post.
5. Let them know you've tagged them

11 things about Moi!
1- I generally lean towards blacks, navy's and neutrals when it comes to my clothing, and love the classic preppy look.  But this weekend when I went into Gap to look around I found myself drawn towards all the bright colors out right now!  This is shocking!  And yes my favorite article of clothing right now is my red pencil skirt!
2- My two favorite foods are salsa and peanut butter.  I know two polar opposite foods.  I am also strange and love dipping carrot chips into my salsa! 
3- I love anything red velvet.  Put a red velvet cupcakes with mile high cream cheese frosting in front of me and a happy girl you will get!
4- I am learning how to knit, and I have to say I cannot wait to get better.  I just need to keep working at it!
5- I am in love with my nook!  If I wasn't a zombie in the morning I would read on my little commute.  Is it sad that I sometimes find I read more blogs then I do books?  
6- I talked about ballet a lot in my post yesterday, Swan Lake is my favorite ballet.  It was the first professional ballet I saw at the age of three, and the ballet that made me want to start dancing in the first place.  
7- If I don't start my day off with a bowl of oatmeal (with peanut butter) and a good cup of coffee my morning just is not complete!  I am literally shocked at the fact that I used to hate breakfast, because now I look forward to my morning breakfast ritual (I guess you could call it that)! 
8- I have 3 tumores (don't worry no cancer).  This is a random/odd/interesting fact about me!  2 are bone tumors in my hand, and the other is a blood vessel tumor in the sole of my left foot.  I was born with all three and we are not sure why.  The foot tumor is the injury that made it hard to dance, and a reason I stopped.  And all the tumors are on the left side of my body... odd!
9- I wish that I followed the news more closely then I do. I read articles on New York Times and CNN but not nearly as much as I should.  That should have been a goal of mine for 2012!
10- One of the things on my bucket list is to go to New York and eat at the Peanut Butter and Co. Sandwich Shop.  Does this surprise anyone?
11- I have always wanted to learn how to make creme brulee, mainly because you get to use a blow torch to caramelize the sugar!  

And His 11 Questions:
1-What is your favorite store?
Nordstroms, Jcrew, Banana Republic the list could go on and on
2-What is your most memorable vacation?
Any lake trip
3-Is there one thing that bothers you more than anything else, what is it?
Yes, when people break plans because something better comes up.  Or when people call you to catch up but they have an arterial motive
4-iPhone or Blackberry?
iphone!  That thing goes everywhere with me
5-If you could, is there a moment you would take back in time?
Honestly I cannot think of any off the top of my head.  But I am sure there are times I wish I wouldn't have said some things out of anger
6-What is your current obsession?
Statement necklaces, riding boots, leopard and my red pencil skirt
7-What as your first car... did you love or hate it?
2001 Chevy Cavalier (2 Door) it was a good starter car.  Much happier with my Jeep!
8-Did you ever picture yourself where you are now, 5 years ago?
I never pictured my life the way it is now!  Funny how things don't work out exactly how you plan them!
9-Do you love sweets, if so, whats your favorite dessert?
I love chocolate.  And cupcakes (flying cupcake anyone?).  Creme Brulee, Red Velvet Cupcakes and a good chocolate cake are among my favorites.
10-2012 election, are you following it closely?
Off and On
11-What quality do you despise in others?
Dishonesty, that is a big one with me.

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And there 11 questions!
Do you tend to follow fashion trends, or stick to a more classic look?  How do you define your style?
2-Whats your go to piece in your closet right now?
3-What is one thing you wish you could go out and buy right this minute.
4-Who is your celebrity style icon?
5-Do you wish you could know what your life looks like 5 years from now, or would you rather it be a suprise?
6- Who is your favorite musical artist?
7-What is your favorite Broadway play?
8- Dogs or cats?
9- What was your favorite board game growing up?
10-Would you rather not be able to talk, or not be able to walk for the rest of your life?
11- What is your biggest fear in life?
Can't wait to read your answers!
Happy Wednesday!