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Monday, January 30, 2012

It Just Snuck Up on Me!

How did you sneak up on me so quickly? How was everyone's weekend? Mine was spent in Omaha Nebraska with my entire family! My little sister is a junior at Creighton University
and let's just say she had a full weekend planned for us!   
 The whole family enjoyed some amazing eats, I am always shocked out how many fabulous local restaurants Omaha has.  I mean Omaha puts my hometown to shame!  And just a little side note... If you ever go to Omaha you need to go to Wheatfields and get a cinnamon roll, trust me on this they are amazing.
I mean come on look at that frosting!
Don't worry we did more then just chow down this weekend!  Saturday night we went and cheered on the Creighton Bluejays in our first ever Creighton basketball game  (at least one of our teams won, poor Butler Bulldogs) and enjoyed an impromptu shopping spree and pedicures (my dad opted out of pedicures)!!  The game was neat to be at.  Saturday was Creighton's Annual Pink Out for breast cancer, so the entire stadium was a sea of pink!  Even my dad had on a pink shirt!
I also got the added bonus of seeing one of my lovely sorority sisters and close friends Leslie this weekend!
She lives about 10 minutes from where my sister goest to school, so I was lucky enough to meet her and her boyfriend for a round of drinks!  Always great to catch up with a good friend!
So many fun things crammed into a few short days!  If only the weekend wasn't over!

But it is Monday so you know what that means... 5 new pinterest recipes! My mom and I killed some time on the 5 hour drive back home looking up this weeks recipes! Hopefully they are some good ones! You ready to see this weeks picks? Here they are in no particular order!
1-White Bean Chowder

Perfect for the cold weather we are having right now.  I am very ready for spring to get here!
2-Black Bean and Corn Stuffed Baked Potatoes

These look delicious!  Not only are baked potatoes super easy/quick to make they are also delicious and good for you!
3-Balsamic Chicken, Spinach, Grape Tomatoes and Tortollini Salad

I have had this recipe pinned forever, and I think my favorite Trader Joe's Balsamic Dressing would be perfect for this recipe!
4-Sweet and Spicy Chicken

Just looks simply delicious!
5-How about another simple soup!

Spinach Tomato Orzo Soup!  I am in that mood again where big bowls of soup sound comforting, and extra delicious!  And what is not to love about a soup chalk full of veggies?

What did everyone do this weekend?  Any exciting adventures?
Happy Monday!