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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Classics, Colors and Patterns

I feel like recently I have been taking big leaps when it comes to my wardrobe!  I am noticing my wardrobe dominated by neutrals slowly getting pops of color in it!   In recent shopping trips my eyes are drawn to the bright cheery colors that is dominating this seasons pieces!  I am loving this sudden need for color in my wardrobe, and the bright colors are making even the dullest winter days just a bit better!  But color isn't the only thing making a debut in my closet, for the first time I am incorporating patterns into my daily fashion!

So here are a few of this weeks loves that have trickled into my closet!
A classic tunic in navy, and I am loving the paisley print!
 I can't wait to wear this with a taupe pencil skirt, or even skinny jeans and Tory Burch flats for a classic low key look!
I really went out on a limb with this next piece but I fell in love with the color (not like me at all).  My mom sister and I will be matching once spring hits (yes we all bought it)!  
I wish it was warm enough to wear it now!
I have mentioned my love for my red pencil skirt before, but it maybe one of my favorite pieces to wear to work right now.  The nice pop of color is a nice change to my typical black pencil skirt!
I recently paired it with this top from Talbots (Not just your moms store anymore, they have some seriously cute classic pieces)!
Maybe little by little colorful pieces will start taking over my closet!

Tell me about your style!  Do you like neutrals or are you all about the color?  What is one of this seasons colors you have to have?