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Friday, February 3, 2012

This Time Next Week

Happy Friday Lovelies!
This time next week I will be in Columbus for the weekend with this guy, 
celebrating Valentines day and 2 wonderful years of dating! Hard to believe that it has been two years, man does time fly.  He has planned a wonderful weekend for us including some of my favorite things exploring, cooking (yes the pinterest challenge) and shopping!  He knows how to make me a happy girl! 

Now lets take a little look at the challenge recipes for the week, starting with this one!
Baked potatoes are a go to dinner for me.  Healthy and quick.  I loved the black bean, corn and salsa topping for these potatoes, it was spicy and full of flavor.  I added a bit of cumin, garlic and paprika to the mixture and was happy with the results!   I want to try  the topping on sweet potatoes, I think it would be a delicious combination.

This chicken had a kick to it, and was fantastic.  My dad couldn't stop saying how much he loved this dish.  Steamed broccoli and rice made this a well rounded dinner!  I want to try making more of the sauce and stir frying vegetables in with the chicken, I bet that would be tasty!

And last but not least...
White Bean Chowder

This soup had a great flavor  and was delicious the night it was made, but I didn't think it reheated that well.  I am still on the fence about this recipe.  

Still to come this week

Ps have a sweet tooth?  Try this recipe!
Hands down delicious!