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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Girls Night Out-Color Me Mine

Happy Tuesday!

Saturday was girls night out, and we got crafty!  My coworkers and I met up for dinner, and pottery painting at Color Me Mine!
Such a fun evening, it was great to get out with friends and do something a bit out of the ordinary!  Each Saturday is PJ night at Color Me Mine, Pjs and painting great combination. I got a few strange looks at dinner, but you know what I made a fashion statement and was comfortable!  I was shocked when we walked in and saw that Color Me Mine allowed you to bring in drinks such as wine and beer (who knew?).  Would be a fun date night if you ask me (maybe Mark and I will go when he is here)!   

I had the hardest time trying to figure out what piece of pottery I wanted to paint (I would have painted one of everything if I could have).  Color Me Mine had tons of cute dishes/serving items, would be a perfect personal touch to any ones home!  I finally decided on  a large dinner plate.  Which I plan on using as a sort of catch all tray in my bedroom!  I picked 5 different colors and did and created a mosaic pattern!  I figured I couldn't go wrong with big geometric shapes, it was just like a coloring book (I just had to stay in the lines)!
I cannot wait to get it back this week!

Whats a fun girls night out that you have had?