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Monday, February 13, 2012

A Celebration

Why Hello There Monday!  Why I wish you hadn't come so soon, I would still like to be enjoying my weekend!
I don't think I could have asked for a better weekend.  I dont want to sound cliche but everything was perfect.

 I woke up nice and early Friday morning to spend sometime with mark before he left for work.  And then the day was mine to do whatever I pleased! A short workout and quick shower left me ready for some errands and a late lunch. However the highlight of my day was a brisk walk to a cozy coffee shop where I spent my afternoon hunkered down with a good book, sipping on delicious coffee and watching the snow swirl and fall! It was nice to just sit and enjoy the moment,and the moment was made even better when Mark showed up! After some impromptu "house seeing" Mark and I headed to get everything needed for dinner! Our plan was to have dinner all cooked and ready for his parents so we could sit and eat when they got there. But let's just say that did not happen. Mark and his dad braved the cold and grilled up a delicious dinner of shrimp chicken and loads of veggies, I used a few pinterest recipes to make dipping sauces for our meats and made this delicious Tomato and Mozzarella Salad with Fresh Basil!  Delicious! 
 The food was a hit, the conversation great, the board games amusing and the wine flowing! It was a night where you look at the clock and gasp because you have no idea where the time seemed to go! 

 Saturday started somewhat bright and early, with a brunch that was tasty and left everyone at the table saying yum!  We tried Northstar Cafe, my friend Ashley of Places to Go Things To Buy said I would love this cafe. And she was so right! From the Apple Cranberry muffin Mark and I split, to the ricotta pancakes, hot multi grain cereal and of course coffee I was extremely impressed. I told mark I think we found our Columbus brunch location! We ventured out into a blustery cold yet sunny day to explore a historic book store in German Village. 32 rooms of endless books, it was a bit overwhelming and slightly organized like an antique shop. But mark his parents and I enjoyed wandering through this old house for close to an hour. Mark and I relived childhood a bit and picked up Mad Libs and Where's Waldo (which was our post dinner entertainment)!  We parted ways with his parents and Mark and I went in search for our dessert! We stumbled upon a little cupcake shop and picked a few sweet treats up before heading to see... The Vows This was Marks suggestion as the weather was a bit to cold for us to wander in an out of little shops like we had planned! And I enjoyed ever minute of the movie, because sitting right next to me holding my hand the entire time was Mark!
 If you haven't seen the vows you really need to go see this movie. Perfect movie for Valentines day, shows what it means to truly love someone completely!   By this point in the day I was itching to go home and get all pretty for our anniversary dinner! 
Mark had made reservations at a fairly new seafood place in down town Columbus called 89 Fish. And for two seafood loving people such as Mark and I this was the perfect restaurant to celebrate 2 years together. Scallops with truffle risotto were enjoyed as an appetizer, followed by the most delicious crab legs for Mark, and a seafood stocked Cioppino for myself! Cioppinos are becoming one of my favorite dishes to order when out. I love the combination of mussels,scallops, fish and shrimp all cooked in a delicious broth with crusty garlicky bread! And i will admit i stole several bites of Marks crab legs! Even though we had picked up cupcakes earlier for dessert I just couldnt resist ordering the chocolate torte, Mark and I were in Chocolate heaven! To say the food was delicious is a bit of an understatement because it was fantastic. and our wait staff was accommodating beyond belief. Our waiter went above and beyond what was expected to make our evening wonderful.  In the three hours Mark and I spent at dinner nothing else besides him and I mattered. Everything this weekend made me realize all over why I first fell in love with Mark.  There was a hysterical moment involving a tip for the valet that left me running in search of an ATM. It was pretty comical, and yes Mark and I enjoyed round 2 of dessert in the form of cupcakes (which was accompanied by Mad Libs, Wheres Waldo, and anniversary cards)!   

 I was sad to see Sunday come, because goodbyes are never easy. But we made the most of our time together. We tried a new church and met up with Ashley and her husband Doc for a fabulous Geeek lunch! One thing is for sure Mark and I ate at some wonderful places this weekend. I always enjoy when Mark and I are able to meet up with Ashley and Doc. There is always lively conversation and who doesn't love catching up with a bestie!  I know this post has been a bit of a long one, but the weekend was just to wonderful not to share it with all of you!  I promise I will have the Pinterest Challenge recipes for you later this week!  

 How was your weekend? Tell me what you did!