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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What I am Loving Wednesday-Kitchen Edition and Ash Wednesday

Happy Hump Day Everyone!  And Happy (do you say happy?) Ash Wednesday!
Just a few short days till the weekend!

Since it is Ash Wednesday the season of Lent is officially upon us.  For me each year I pick something to give up for Lent.  I usually spend a couple of days trying to figure out what exactly that one thing will be.  This year I have decided to give up Splenda and all forms of artificial sweeteners.  But also this Lent season I really want to focus more on the meaning of Lent and what the "giving up" of a specific item in my life truly means. For me I think it is easy to say oh yes I gave this up without thinking twice about why I gave it up, this year I want to change that! 

Now for what I am loving...
My what I am loving post today was sparked by my parents.  My parents have been talking for weeks about remodeling our kitchen.  Not sure how serious they are about this whole remodeling thing.  All their talk about beautiful kitchens has gotten me thinking about my own dream kitchen!

So what would my dream kitchen look like?
I love the look of an all white kitchen, bright, sparkling, clean clutter free, stainless steel, and clean lines.  Big windows with a lake view would be nice too!

Here are just a few kitchens I just fell in love with from Pinterest!

How lovely are all these kitchens?
I could see myself whipping up a wonderful meal in any one of these kitchens!  Maybe whipping up this or these?
Oh how I cannot wait to someday have a house!