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Monday, February 27, 2012


Hi There!
Everyone have a relaxing weekend?
Anyone watch the oscars?  I caught  little bit of it last night,  however I missed the red carpet which is always one of my favorite parts!

Anyone have a best dressed?
I really liked Gwyneth Paltrow's dress.  I just like the shape of it for some reason

Now I have to say my brain still seems to be in weekend mode this Monday morning.  I am having a hard time switching my brain from relax mode into work mode!  I have to say that this past weekend was exactly what my body needed.  I had no to do list this weekend, can you believe that.  I am the girl that lives by a running to do list.  I almost feel lost without one, but this weekend I ditched the to do list and went with the flow.  And man oh man did that feel good.  

Friday I had the Butler Alumni Event in Minneapolis.
 We cheered on our Butler Bulldogs who unfortunately did not pull off a win.  But that is ok I still had a wonderful time meeting new people.  It was good to get out and socialize.  I was a bit nervous going to this event because I knew absolutly no one!  But everyone was welcoming and made me feel comfortable!

Saturday I slept in and had a lazy morning in my PJs... Finally! 
I enjoyed a slow morning of coffee, and chatting.  It was nice not to rush through these morning rituals that seem so hurried during the week!   A quite night in was the perfect ending to a slow paced day. 

The relaxing vibe of the weekend carried over to Sunday with a slow pace morning before church followed by a large pancake brunch.  Yes I made my favorite pancakes!  
I would much rather be home munching on leftover pancakes and more then likely still in my PJ's!

For this weeks dinner I decided to go back and make some old favorites, because nothing really stood out to my taste buds as I looked through my pin board.  I know that is hard to believe when there are still well over 1,000 pins!

So what oldie am I bringing back this week?

Queue BBQ Chicken Burrito Bowls!
Always delicious, and always unique!  I feel like I have not made these in forever. 
We will also be enjoying Renotta's famous spaghetti!

But don't worry I still have two new recipes to highlight this week. 
The first is from the pin board.  Tortolini Ministrone soup from Taste of Home. 
I made this soup yesterday night for dinner when I couldn't find sweet potatoes for the second new recipe of the week!  The ingredient list remind me of my Grandmothers Ravioli soup which is one of my favorites.  I cannot wait to enjoy this soup for lunch today!

And the second recipe is this Stew...

My sister sent me this  recipe on Saturday and I knew I just had to make it!  The stew features chickpeas, sweet potatoes and quinoa!  I had fully planned on making this for Sunday night dinner but when you cannot find sweet potatoes that presents a bit of a problem!  Yum!
I cannot wait to try this recipe!  My sister knows me so well I just have a feeling I will love this soup!

Lets take on last look at the final recipe from last weeks pin challenge!
Pantry Chicken and Beans From Bev Cook's
I baked the dish just as the recipe was written but served my portion with pan seared tofu!  I think this recipe has a lot of potential, but I want to play around with it a bit!  I left out the anchovy paste because I didn't think my family would like the flavor it lended.

So there you have it!
How was everyones weekends?
Did anyone else have a relaxing and lazy weekend?