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Monday, March 12, 2012

Scenes From The Weekend

Hey there everyone!
Did we all have a wonderful weekend?
I hope so!

I cannot get over how nice the weather was this weekend!
I ditched my early morning gym workout Saturday for a lovely 2 hour walk with my mom!
Up in my neighborhood we have these wonderful paths through the woods that covers about 6 miles!
It was great to get outside, enjoy some fresh air, beautiful scenery and of course exercise!
My body (and ankle) appreciated the low key workout!
Here are just a few pictures from our nature hike!
I cannot wait for the weather to be nice all the time, I am now itching for spring to get here!

Now, I am going to spare you from my ramblings today and simply just share the 3 dishes that will be featured this week!  This week is going to be a bit hectic, I maybe a little MIA I apologize in advance!  Don't miss me to much!

But here are our 3 lovely recipes
(most will be served with grilled chicken or fish since the weather is so nice)!!

Tex Mex CousCous-From Eat Yourself Skinny

Skinny Taste-Pasta with Broccoli

and finally...
Roasted Veggies!

Happy Monday Everyone!