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Friday, March 16, 2012


Happy Friday All!
I am glad this week flew by, because man was it jam packed. Life has been busy and I don't see things slowing down anytime soon!

Yesterday I got a call, a call I have been waiting for since I moved home in June!
 Yesterday I accepted my first big girl corporate job, in the big city! I will be moving to Minneapolis in just about a month (so much to do)!!! Look out Minneapolis here I come! I have been prepping for my interviews the last few weeks, hence why I was a little MIA with blogging!

I feel so blessed right now, and am thankful for my very strong support system! My family,  Mark and wonderful friends believed this day would come even when I lost hope and thought the job search would never end! It was the never ending support from the ones I love that fueled me to keep applying, job application after job application.  I never gave up (though sometimes I wanted to)!
Source: via Bri on Pinterest

So thank you Mom, Dad, Miranda, Mark, and my long list of amazing friends and relatives for your unfaltering support and encouragement! I am grateful beyond belief for how much you all believed in me!

The rest of yesterday is a bit of a blur.  From letting people know, to being in utter shock that I was finally going to be on my own again!  But there is one thing I know for sure... I had a ridiculously large smile plastered across my face the rest of the day!    A fabulous grilled dinner, bubbly, red velvet and chocolate cake made for a wonderful evening of celebrating!  
I am still on cloud 9 as I type this!
So here is to this exciting new chapter! I hope you will stick with me and join me as I once again explore life in a new city!

Oh and PS, recipe recap to come!!
Happy Friday!