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Monday, May 14, 2012

For The First Time

Why Hello Monday, your here already?
The weekend went a little to quickly for my liking! 

I had a blast this past weekend.  
Friday nights outing to WineFest No. 17 was a blast! 
The event was huge! There were over 400 wine varieties to taste, and several signature dishes to try from top restaurants around The Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St Paul)!  Cafe Latte was there with amazing cake! 
I am pretty sure I have mentioned Cafe Latte's Turtle cake before on the blog! 
It was great to get out and do something on the town, not to mention fun to hang out with old and new friends! 

Saturday morning  I was up and ready for the day!  A good workout, breakfast and some errands left me ready to see my parents!  As soon as my parents got here we were out on the town, shopping that is! 
I scored this Red Dress from Banana Republic to wear to my upcoming wedding in New Orleans!  I thought the color and cut were perfect! 
I am thinking of pairing the dress with nude heels, and gold jewelry!  I think the black is a bit to much for summer! 

I also invested in some great white pants for summer!  This is going out on a limb for me, I am always scared I will sit in something or spill something all over white pants! 

After a little shopping my parents and I headed over to Broders Pasta Bar for an amazing pasta dinner!  I mentioned Broders in this post. We ended up sitting outside while we waited for our table!  The weather was beautiful, a perfect Minnesota evening!  My parents really enjoyed Broders, everything was delicious!  I decided to try a new pasta this time around and went on the recommendation of our waiter, he highly recommended the Pasta with Lemon, Spring Peas and Trout.  His recommendation did not disappoint!  

Sunday I got up early and made my mom's favorite bread, and waited for everyone else to get up!  We went to a wonderful church service, and then headed to a wonderful brunch to celebrate Mothers Day! 
We went to French Meadow Bakery, which serves all organic food.  Very healthy, and delicious!  Right up my brunch alley!  We ordered two pancakes for the table, and I swear they were the size of my head!  One was a wild rice with cinnamon apples, and the other was a blueberry corn pancake!  Both were delicious, I also sampled the granola!  I will be going back to this place!  The rest of the afternoon was spent lounging around, and prepping for the week!!

In other big and exciting news, tonight I am heading to my first ever Twins game! 

I am super excited, I need to go get a Twins shirt!  Time to cheer on the Twins as they take on the Cleveland Indians!  Lets hope they win!  The stadium can be seen from my apartment windows, I can't wait to finally see inside of it! 

So tell me, what did you do this weekend?
How did you celebrate mothers day?