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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Fun Idea

I was sifting through my pins last night and came across this cute idea, I had completely forgotten that I had pinned this!  The idea is you label popsicle sticks, with different "date night" ideas.  Random, fun and spontaneous!

Not only is this idea cute for "Date Night" Ideas, but I figured that I could use this idea for my Minneapolis "To Do List!"  Check out my Minneapolis "To Do List" here in this post!

So far I have gone to:
A Twins Game
Basilica Block Party
Williams Peanut Bar
Stella's Rooftop Cafe
Run around Multiple Lakes
Pier 500

And I am sure there are some that I am forgetting!
I have an empty jar, now all I need to do is make the popsicle sticks, look out Minneapolis To Do List!

Two New Recipes and a CookBook Recommendation!

Happy Wednesday Lovlies! 
Is your week going well, glad it is the middle of the week?
Hard to believe it is already Wednesday, the week is flying!  I am a bit behind on getting this weeks Pin Challenge Recipes to you.  But I will admit there recipes are not on my pin board, they are actually new recipes I got from my sister! 

Since I have an abundance of Quinoa I decided I needed a few recipes featuring the lovely grain! 
This first recipe stuck out to me, you all know how much I love stuffed peppers.  But never before have I made a stuffed tomato.  

From Whole Foods

The second recipe just sounded delicious, hot weather always puts me in the mood for a big salad!  And the fact that this salad featured broccoli one of my favorite veggies, I was all for it!

From Whole Foods

And while I am on the topic of food, I have to share a cook book with you that I am in need of picking up! The new Mayo Clinic Cookbook.
My sister has this cook book, and I copied a few of the recipes out of it! 
The Tabouli is amazing! I highly recommend getting this one! 
Happy Wednesday!