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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

One Full Weekend - And the Pin Challenge

Happy Tuesday Everyone!
Did you all have a lovely weekend?

Here are a few highlights from the weekend. 
Drinks at a local restaurant across from my apartment; The Butcher and the Boar.

Check out the pork chop my friend Brendan order!

Derek and I are taking my sister there for dinner on Friday! 
A Birthday celebration on Lake Minnetonka for my lovely friend Britt!

Always good to see old friends! 
A delicious brunch with Derek's family sunday morning before church (I seriously love an early Sunday Brunch before church)!

Keys Cafe has some of the best Cinnamon Bread!
And Finally a lovely Baby Shower for Derek's sister Sunday afternoon1
It was a full weekend, but a fun weekend! 

And now I believe I owe you some new recipes for this week! 
Let check them out! 

I have had this chicken marinading all night!
Lime Honey Crusted Chicken from The Enchanted Cook 

Source: via Dawn on Pinterest

I cannot wait to serve this up with some roasted vegetables (baby potatoes anyone)

And since the evenings have been getting cool in Minnesota, I thought I would make a big pot of this vegetarian chilli!

Are your evenings starting to get cool where you live?
Are you ready for fall to be here?  I know I am, I am jsut ready for the new wardrobe!