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Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I might be a little late in loving this bright trend.  But it takes me a while to wear a bright out there color!  While I am not sure I could pull of neon pants (I returned my bright neon dress from Gap), or something along those lines,  I think I could go for a more subtle take on this still very hot trend! 

Check out the neon pieces I am loving! 
I am currently obsessed with these Neon Asics, like need to get them! 

They remind me of what my tennis shoes looked like after the color run! 

Neon Statement Jewelry: 
I love this necklace: 

and this one:

Love - Neon Nails!
Ads a fun pop of color to your work wear! 

Neon Nike running Tank?

People would see me coming! 

How are you still loving this trend?