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Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend Recap - BBQ Edition

Happy Monday Folks!
Can you believe it is the last week of August?
Kinda crazy, right?

That means in a little less then 19 days I will be celebrating my 26th birthday! 

As we make our way into the Fall (one of my favorite seasons) I find myself wanting to cram these last few summer days full, with as many summer activities I can! 

This weekend was filled with lots of relaxing and lots of BBQing! 
Friday night we enjoyed a roof top BBQ with my work friends. 
I took a pasta salad very similar to this one, from Eat Yourself Skinny:

An old favorite of mine! 
We got to enjoy the lovely weather on a roof top right downtown minneapolis! 

I love the feeling of being downtown surrounded by tall buildings.  I really do love the city! 

Saturday started off as one of those lazy Saturdays, you know the kind where you have no real agenda and you just go with the flow!   Derek and I ran errands before heading over to his sister and brother  in laws house for a BBQ! We had some amazing food!   Fresh sweet corn, pasta salad, burgers and a Salmon burger for me! 

Which have any of you ever had a salmon burger?
I bought my salmon burger fresh at the Grocery store across the street from me, and let me tell you I need to figure out how to make one!  I am thinking of trying this recipe... click here... maybe less mayo!

Derek's brother in law also made a great dessert! 
Looked something like this...

A layer of Neapolitan ice cream sandwiches, covered in carmel and topped with a layer of cool whip and heath bars!  It was heavenly, and cured  my frozen yogurt craving! 

Sunday Derek and I made it to our usual church service and spent the afternoon relaxing before picking up friends to head to the first ever Ribs and Blues night at church.

I guess you could say it was an event held to celebrate what has been happening in our church.  It was a great evening of music, and it was nice to be able to enjoy the evening with friends!
All in all it was a good weekend; lots of grilling, relaxing and friends! 
How are you spending your last few days of summer?