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Monday, September 10, 2012

Mill City Farmers Market... Finally

This past Saturday I finally made it to the Minneapolis Mill City Farmers market. And I loved it! 

The Mill City Farmers Market is located in the Mill District of Minneapolis.
The market is tucked between  the Guthrie Theater (we saw Roman Holiday there),

and the Mill City Museum.

And you have a beautiful view of the Stone Arch Bridge going over the Mississippi.

Whats not to love?  Such a beautiful location!

This part of the city has some great stone apartment buildings, and cute little restaurants.  I wouldn't mind having a condo in the Mill District - then I could walk to the farmers market!  Wouldn't that be great?

Alright now more about our Saturday morning outing!  Saturday morning was one of those perfect fall days, you know the kind that are not to hot and not to chilly.  So Saturday morning with fresh coffee in hand I slowly meandered through the farmers market with Derek.

I would say that my first Mill City Famers Market experience was a success  because 1 fresh Raspberry donut and a very full market basket later Derek and I were headed back to my apartment.  

I ended up bringing home fresh sweet corn, an acorn squash, the most beautiful heirloom tomatoes, asian green beans, fresh salad greens, baby potatoes and some pickled cabbage.   I was so excited about all the fresh produce that I immediately turned to my very dusty recipe binder - You know the black hole of recipes!  I cannot wait to try a few new recipes with all the wonderful produce I brought home! 

Do you love going to Farmers Markets?
What is your perfect Saturday morning?