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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Farmers Market Inspired Pin Recipes

Happy Tuesday Loves. 
Since my fridge is now stocked with wonderful Farmers Market produce from this past weekend I decided it was appropritate to pick pin recipes to incorporate my wonderful goodies!   And after these three recipes I will have less then 1,000 recipes on my food pin board!  That means I have made over a hundred new recipes thanks to this pin challenge - I have only kept 83!  

Should we take a look at this weeks Pin recipes?
Lets get started...

1- Fresh Corn Risotto from Relish. 

I am going to serve some light crab cakes along with the risotto instead of the pork tenderloin the recipe called for. 

2-  Roasted Green Beans with balsamic, parmesan and Mushrooms. 

I think this combination will be delicious.  Serve with some quinoa and tofu for a complete meatless meal! 

3- Vegetarian Stuffed Acorn Squash.  

Looks so good! Loads and loads of veggies! 

I cannot wait to share the results with all of you!
Have you tried any good recipes lately?