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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Chilly - The Things I Heart

Yesterday morning I woke up to the swirling of snow flakes! 
Minnesota's first snow fall of the year! 

(Source) Lake of the Isles in Minneapolis 

It instantly made me wish I could sit curled up in my PJ's all day.  You know with a cup of hot chocolate (loaded with marshmallows) a good book and a cozy blanket.  Now that would have been the perfect day! 

So in honor of the first snow and the fact that the weather is getting much much colder I thought I would share a few of my favorite winter inspired things (the stuff I love as the weather gets colder)!  

1- Starbucks Christmas Cups

2- Warm pots of chili on the stove. 
I made a big batch of vegetarian chili on Sunday in my new Le Creuset Pot. 

Here are some of my favorite recipes:

Tempeh Chili - Peas and Thank You  - I got the recipe from her Cook Book 

3 - Hot chocolate in holiday mugs - extra marshmallows!  

Try these recipes: 

4- Warm Fuzzy Mittens and Scarves 

5 - And last but not least warm cozy blankets to curl up in and watch the snow fall!

What are the warm winter things you love the most?