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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Almost 1 Down - New Years Resolution Check In

As we near the end of January ( I know hard to believe that is next week) I just wanted to take the time to check in and see how I am doing with my New Years Resolutions!  

We had a talk about New Years Resolutions the other day at work.  Some people made them, some people didn't and others have already broken those New Years Resolutions!   The conversation sparked me to do a month to month "check in" if you will on mine! 

So lets take a look (full recap of my New Years Resolutions Here)

1- Train for a Half Marathon 

So far Derek and I are in week 3 of our Half Marathon training!  We have one 6 mile run left to complete this week!   Derek and I have even picked the races we are going to do!  So far so good!

2- Read More

This one has been a bit of a struggle... But I have started a new Book! 
White Coat Required

It is a book published by the Author of one of my favorite Blogs Eat Live Run!  The book follows Jenna's life from College all the way through culinary school and beyond!  I am loving the book, just like I love reading her blog!  You should check her blog out (her Apple Sauce Almond Bread is Amazing)!!!

3- Drink 2-3 Green Smoothies a Week

While I blogged about how I first felt about Green Smoothies (read about it here) I have to say I am warming up to the idea of these bright green drinks!  So far in the month of January I have met my goal!  I have even found a new flavor combination I love!  Pear, Cucumber Banana!  I like to use the little Persian Cucumbers from Trader Joe's!  

4- Pray More

This is something I have def. been thinking about more and more.  I will consider this a work in progress. 

5- Blog More - 

Check and Check!  I feel now that I have taken the pressure off myself to blog everyday I have more great ideas and topics to write about!  Now it is just finding the time to actually write the posts!  I will say though that I am glad to be back blogging!

6-  Respect and Love People More

This is another on going one, but I am trying to see the good in everyone no matter what.  I am trying to remember the feelings of others and not do things just for me!

So tell me, are you still keeping up with your New Years Resolutions?

1 comment:

  1. you have really great resolutions.
    I really need to pray more too.....hmmm. lol

    have a nice weekend!

    xo, jin


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