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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Weekend Review - Sports, dancing and movies Oh My!

Happy Monday Folks, and Welcome to the beginning of another week! 
Did you all have a fabulous weekend?  I hope so! 

We had a wonderful weekend full of activities, and some relaxing! 

Friday -  Dinner and a show with Nikki and Jason. 
We saw B-Boy J-Sun and his crew perform some Hip Hip.  And Holy Cow did they blow me away! Check it out! 

(This was from a previous show, not one we saw) 
The dancing was amazing, I only wish I could dance like that! 
Myself along with everyone else in the audience were in awe with their dancing ability! 
My favorite part of the show was when they had  a live trio on stage performing while they danced! The Trio was Saltee was made up of a Beat Boxer, Cellist, and a gitarist. 
So much talent in one evening! 

Saturday was one of those relaxing move at your own pace types of mornings. 
I made Derek and I a homemade brunch  (post to come containing recipes) which was later followed by our 5 mile run!  We have now officially finished with two weeks of half marathon training!  After all that it was finally time to to meet Derek's family for the Minnesota Wild Hockey Game!  

It was very exciting to go to the  Minnesota Wild NHL Season Opener!  I am so glad that hockey is back, and can you believe that Saturday was my first ever NHL Hockey Game?

The Wild ended up winning 4-3 which was a great way to start off the season! Hockey has to be one of my favorite sports! 

Derek and I wrapped up or weekend with church, a great lunch at Bread and Chocolate, errands and The Hobbit! 

Oh and check this out... My Butler Bulldogs are ranked above Derek's Minnesota Gophers!  Butler is 9th and Minnesota is 12th!!!  I just had to share! 

What did you do this weekend?

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