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Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl Recap

Happy Tuesday Folks! 
Did everyone enjoy their weekend, and enjoy the Super Bowl?

I know I did. 
I cheered for the Baltimore Ravens...
Now before any of you get mad at me for team selection let me explain why I cheered on the Ravens. 
Picking which team I wanted to cheer for in the Super Bowl this year was very sophisticated. 
I picked my team based on if I have ever visited the City the team was from, the state flag, and the color of the teams jerseys! 

Yes, I know super sophisticated! 
I have never been to San Fransico, but I have been to Baltimore and loved the City.  
Ultimately this year I really didn't care who won the game.  I was just there to hang out, eat good food, ask ridiculous football questions and watch some great commercials.  Which to be honest, the commercials weren't my favorite this year! By far Taco Bell had some of the best. 

And the Budweiser one just made me go "Aaaaah"

Yes, I am a sappy girl!

Derek and I ended up going over to his Sister and Brother in Laws house! 
We ate food, played with the twins, ate more food and chatted!  All in all it as a great afternoon/evening. 

I made this Spicy Pumpkin Turkey Chili -

Spicy, delicious and for sure a favorite! 

We also snacked on Puppy Chow - Yum!  Guacamole, cheesy bread,  pizza (for Derek) and pumpkin bars!  Yum, yum and yum!

What did you do for the Super Bowl?  How did you decide who you cheered for?

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  1. those were my 2 favorite commercials too :)


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