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Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine's Day - Dessert Edition

I like Valentine's Day, mainly because it is a day full of Pink, chocolate and showing loved ones how much you care.

 But, I am not one of those girls that has to go out for a fancy dinner on Valentine's day.  I would much prefer to have a low key evening at home with Derek, just the two of us.  An evening at home that would consist of a great meal (My Shrimp Risotto has been requested), wine, open conversation and a decedent dessert (more then likely containing lots of chocolate) would be ideal! 

So as Valentine's Day is rapidly approaching (yup, its on Thursday) I decided I would begin my hunt for the perfect drool worthy dessert that I could quickly whip up for Derek and I.  However in the process of finding the perfect Valentine's Day Dessert I found the below five.  Yup, the below 5 desserts had me drooling just by looking at the pictures (and well some are just to cute)! And if I wouldn't gain 5 pounds from all the sweets (and if I had the time); I would probably make them all!

Check them out, maybe you will find something you want to make! 

1- Simple, Easy, Cute and so good it is hard to eat just one!

Source: via Tracy on Pinterest

2- White Chocolate and a Cookie - Yum!

3- To Cute - Because I am a sucker for cupcakes and frosting!

4- Chocolate Fondu 

5- Because who doesn't love these cute little hearts?

Tell me, how do you like to spend Valentine's Day?
Happy Tuesday Loves! 

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