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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Running Update - Half Training

Well, Derek and I are over half way done with our Half Marathon training! 
We completed our 10 Mile run this past Saturday, and man was it a good run! 

The weather was perfect for running outside (sad when we think that 33 degrees is lovely) the sun was shining, and I was just happy to be out running!  Derek and I ended up running clear down to Lake Calhoun and around Lake of the Isles! 

There were a ton of people out enjoying the day Saturday!  I love seeing so many people out in the winter time being active!  It is one of my favorite things about Minneapolis - People in Minnesota just don't hibernate in the winter!  Love it! 

The half marathon Derek and I are running is not till May, but we have a 7K coming up in March!

 We also plan on back tracking in our half training and incorporating a little speed work! 

Below are a few articles I found regarding how to incorporate speed work into your training.  As well as some articles on what you should eat before and after a run!  Hope you enjoy! 

Nutrition for Runners:
Happy Thursday! 

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